Buyers Advise: Don't buy 900 Mb CD's for now



I just posted the article Buyers Advise: Don’t buy 900 Mb CD’s for now.

XMen4u used our newssubmit to tell us about his experience with 900Mb Media. I thought it was intresting enough to share it with the rest of the visitors, as you might make this mistake…

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I’m not sure abuot what other peoples impressions have been in reguard to 99min cdr’s but I run an LG-8080b and it does the job fine at 1x 2x 4x but coasters at 8x so apart from price no complaints from me…777


I Use them (platinum 90 min) and i can put up to 89.59 min on such a cd with the plex121032 I use nero and overburn the 80 min border to 90


I use this media with Plextor W124T and they are good. They supports 12x burning and about 900Mb on them. There is a list of supported burners on the net so it is easy to check if your is in the list. Armando


Why e-mail Roxio and ask them. It’s like e-mailing Microsoft and asking them for some in depth knowledge about how to code nicely. Contradiction in terms. You should have e-mailed Nero or Olli, or IgD.


I also used platinum 90 min cdr`s and they work fine on my plexdrive and every cdplayer I have can read it…


First of all , the type of the cd is GPT, except that i didnt email ROXIO , i dont like their software at all, i just pasted from their site.Second , i used nero using overburn so i know what im doing, here this is the only 80min+ media (GPT 90min) so just wanted to notice thats all. Have a good burn.


Dont use Win ON Cd, Nero, Clone … USE DIS JUGGLER 3.x and OVERBURN !!!


What is the maximum cd length that a 8x20 supports?


It’s not the speed of the player but the brand and type that determines weather it is supported at this point in time


Does not help!!! Cd Length… 80? 90? 99? ???


For all plex writer, the lenght is 89:57:99. this is the maximum allowed by the burner. :4


Thanks :slight_smile:


OOOOk…I’m from Israel and i bought 10 900MB cds by GPT like that dude and i have no idea how to burn them, now, I’m a newbie to overburn or whatever n i have no idea what those r doing and how can i burn 900MB cds, Please help me!


Mitsumi Drives do 90min fine. It depends a lot on the make of the CD Burner.


K, but what’s the real size of these CD-r’s?? I’ll give ya a small calculation (let me try to explain it in a short and clear way): CD-DA encoding at 16 bits: -Every second = 44.100 kHz x 16 bits x 2 channels = 1.411.200 bits (or 176.400 bytes). When CD-DA format data is put on a CD, every second of music consists of 75 frames. So every frame contains 2352 bytes. Now, how many bytes would that mean for a 90-minute CD-R??: 2352 bytes x 75 frames x 60 seconds x 90 minutes = 952.560.000 bytes = 930.234,375 kbytes = 908,4 Mbytes Tadaaa! Here you have 908,4 Mbyte instead of 870 Mbyte!!! Now, for Mode 1 and Mode 2 data, the calculations are slightly different: Mode 1 : 2048 bytes per frame 2048 bytes x 75 frames x 60 seconds x 90 minutes = 829.440.000 bytes = 810.000 kbytes = 791,0 Mbytes Mode 2 : 2336 bytes per frame 2336 bytes x 75 frames x 60 seconds x 90 minutes = 946.080.000 bytes = 923.906,25 kbytes = 902,3 Mbytes Just some small calculations I’ve done for ya… So if you want to calculate the actual capacity of your favorite CD-R brand, then take a good look at it’s size. Nice tool to determine is the CDR-Identifier from Ohw, and a lot of people tend to think that 1 kilobyte = 1000 bytes, but that’s not true!! 1 kilobyte = 1024 bytes, and even so 1 Megabyte = 1024 kilobyte


I’m from Israel too and i have this prob too this the cover of thecd: plz help us ppl! :c


I didn’t read most of this article, but I have a PlexWriter 16/10/40 and it wrote 90 minute CDs (800MB, not 900+) perfectly.


CJay, I general that 1MB==1024KB rule holds true, but with many storage related subjects manufacturers use 1MB==1000KB formula (especially with HDDs). - spacey


Hi, all, especially the GPT using Israelies. I bought a 20-CDR package of GPT 90XL. It says “90 min 800MB” on the package, “90min 900MB” on the disks themselves, and my Ricoh (or the Nero I am using) can’t recognize more than the standard 700MB. Conclusion - don’t buy GPT, they SUCK! :r