Buy v6 now, or wait and get v7?

I’ve been using OEM version of Roxio that came with my first DVD burner. I got a new burner that came with OEM Nero.

I’ve used a friends Nero 6 ultra, plus at work we have Nero 6 Ultra and the more I use it, the more I like it. So I want to purchase it for use at home.

With version 7 coming out… should I purchase v6 now? or wait and just purchase v7?

Btw, Best Buy has Nero 7 Ultra Edition for $69.99 on their web site (with $20 rebate for owners of qualifying retail programs), I haven’t been to the store yet to see if its on their shelves… and I can still pickup Nero 6 Ultra for $49.99 from Compusa.

What do you think?

Sorry to reply to my own thread, but I saw this on Nero’s web site…

“Special Offers for Nero Customers
Customers who have purchased a full version (not an OEM version) of Nero 6 Ultra Edition between September 1, 2005 and November 30, 2005 for the Regular price will receive a FREE upgrade serial number for Nero 7 Ultra Edition.*”

but no mention of what the * means…

Does this mean if I buy Nero 6 Ultra Edition today, in a store, I can get a FREE upgrade to Nero 7 (I’d just have to download it)??

My local store has both versions on the shelf at the same price.

Version 7 will not be fit for use for at least 2 months. I would buy version 6, and immediately get the upgrade serial number, but not use it.

I agree! Good idea! :iagree:

I had also writen an email to Nero’s customer service questioning the verbage on their web site (as posted above)… since there is no mention of what the * means…

Well, instead of waiting for the reply… I ran out that day and purchased Nero 6.6 for $49.99 at Compusa, came home and requested the Upgrade to v7.

It was DENIED!!

I have since recieved an email from Nero’s Pre-sales customer service… AND THE TEXT ON THEIR WEB SITE HAS CHANGED!!! Now it says “Customers who have purchased a retail box of Nero 6 Ultra Edition from a participating retail store between September 1, 2005 and November 30, 2005 for the Regular price ($99.99) will receive a FREE upgrade serial number for Nero 7 Ultra Edition.*”

It further states… “NOTE to Retail Customers: Nero will honor submittals which include the $20 Competitive/Upgrade rebate. Any rebates or special retail discounts beyond this $20 Comp/Upgrade rebate will not qualify for the free Nero 7 upgrade.”

So, it appears since the Compusa copy I purchased was discounted, I do NOT Qualify for the FREE Nero 7 upgrade.

That stinks.

Well, at least I have a working copy of Nero 6.6 for home and paid less than the “normal” price for it. And since Nero 6.6 does what I want/need, its not bad.

Blast! sounds like they may reject mine - PC World had lowered the price, though no mention was made of any new version to come.

Maybe bad publicity over this will make them think again!
Front page items on CD-R news sites may be required.

At the time, this was the PC World Retail price, online and instore, and not specified as a sale or discount.

When I was in PC World the other day, both v6 and v7 were side-by-side and selling for the same price.

Pity we don’t get all the rebates our American cousins have been mentioning…they cost >$100 here!!!

You could just about call that a bait and switch. They have had it on thier site for a while that you could get 7 for free if you just bought 6, and now they change it?

Yeah, I was thinking about that… I copied/pasted DIRECTLY from their web site into my 2nd post of this thread…

Now, visiting their site, its different and now says about the $99.99 full retail price being needed.

I’m going to reply and see what they say…

Ok, after replying to them that the text I pasted in my original email was EXACTLY from their web site the day I purchased, and no FULL RETAIL Price was stated, however now their site states you must pay $99.99 to be eligble…

I got the following… on Nov 1, 2005

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your email and for your interest in our products.

Unfortunately, I am not able to give you what you require. The information on our website is as stated. Sorry for any inconvenience. Regular price is the MSRP for the Nero product which is 99.99 USD.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

best regards
Nero Inc Support Team

Office hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm PST

Nero Inc.
Glendale, CA 91203
FAX: (818) 956 7094

We highly value your opinion. Please click the link below to enter our Customer Satisfaction voting page: LINK REMOVED

I checked that email account today and to my suprise found this…

My Nero Service <> to me
More options Nov 10 (1 day ago)

Dear Valued Customer:

Thank you for your Nero purchase. Since you have purchased Nero 6 Ultra Edition between
September 1 and November 30, 2005, you are confirmed for a FREE Upgrade to
Nero 7 Ultra Edition.

Your Nero 7 Ultra Edition Upgrade serial number is:

****Instructions on how to enter and unlock this functionality:
If you have not already done so, please download the Trial version of Nero 7 Ultra Edition
Please launch Nero StartSmart and click on the Nero logo in the upper left
corner. You are now in the Nero ProductCenter. Under the “Serial Numbers” tab you will need to
enter the serial number stated above to have full functionality.

For further support information, please visit

Thank You,
Nero Team

WOW!!! Yahoo!!

Now, I have to DL and try and make sure that S/N is valid… But I might wait for some of the bugs to be sorted out first…

Dear Mark,

I told you the information that I was told at the time. Did Nero Sales send you a Nero 7 serial key? If so, I’m glad to hear it.

Yes they did. It just arrived. Thank you. Didn’t know you were a member here…

I can understand what you gave me was the info you had at the time. That is “normal”.

Nothing personal, but I hope you can understand I was a bit frustrated by the entire thing… Since the web site had not originally stated a specific price ($99.99), … but had been changed to include that price AFTER my inquires and purchase…

As soon as I got home from the store after buying 6, I signed into the Nero web site, I uploaded a scanned copy of my reciept to apply for the upgrade to 7. A day later the site said DENIED, no reason given… I was very upset.

Subsequent correspondence with Nero seemed to state a very cold “sorry, but you had to pay $99.99 for 6 to be entitled to the free upgrade to 7, See the web site (NOW) says so”

Had that price been on the web site to start with, from day 1, I would have known and planed my purchase accordingly, and not been very dis-satisfied with the “customer service” from Nero… Or if I received an email stating “this is why your request was denied”… It would have defused some of the emotion.

BUT THANKFULLY I HAVE RECEIVED a serial number via email for my free upgrade to Nero 7 Ultra Ed which does help me feel a little better.

Btw, Can you feed somethings back for me… Put ALL REQUIRED DETAILS even the fine print, up from day 1… If an * is used to note something… make sure it is explained some place obvious. If a request is denied… an email with WHY would be a helpful thing.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.