Buy SOHW-812S?

I’m buying my new system within a few days.

I’m thinking about to put the SOHW-812S in it, however there are not many experiences with the drive yet.

Pioneer was good quality up to the DVR-106 but they seem to have missed the boat with their new DVR-107 drive.

I assume quality of the SOHW-812S will be on par with the LDW-811S/851S.

I would like some sound advice.
Would you buy the SOHW-812S if you would buy a new drive at this moment ?

I would for the following reasons:

  • The large amount of firmware work/releases they usually produce sets them apart from the rest in my eyes.

  • I just heard that the drive should support bit setting (see the tools guide in my sig if you don’t know what that is) as well which again sets it apart from the rest.

  • If are you planning on buying marginal media perhaps you might want to get the NEC 2500A, but I would never use marginal media on any drive period. So that’s not really a negative and it hasn’t been proven/disproven yet that the 812S is picky with cheap media at all (no reviews yet) so I’m just speculating it might be picky based on the 8_1S series.

  • The LiteOn community (peple like you and me) is really amazing and I don’t think there is another optical drive manufaturer that has such great people supporting it. Therefore it should be easier to recieve help from people if you have problems.

  • Should be able to use most of the tools in the tools guide found in my signature.

  • LiteOn drives have always performed excellent at being able to copy the latest CD copy protections.

  • One last little tid-bit. There has been recent news that down the road it may be possible to overclock the 812S to a dual layer capable 832S (yet to be released). Of course this is not guaranteed and should not be the main reason to buy it.

I’m not a reviewer and I don’t pretend to be, but for the above reasons that is why I personally would buy a 812S over anything else on the market right now.

Thanks for your extensive input. :slight_smile:

No problem. If you get a 812S make sure to drop by and let us know how it goes. :smiley:

Id be interested too… Copy protection is the strong point of LiteOn drives, which is high on my list when choosing which drive to buy… Which is why I havent bought a NEC 2500A…