Buy recommendation for Blu-Ray recorder

I’m searching for buy recommendations for a Blu-Ray recorder

I think I’m relliying on Blu-rays in the future but I’ll still burn some DVDs and maybe even a CD so it should be good in those ares too, and I’ll use it as a Blue-ray & DVD player to watch material from PC on the TV, the only requirement I have is in should be connected by SATA.

As Blu-ray is still new for me, especially in a recorder, I’m a bit unsure and in some points:

  1. Is it correct that 12x will be the maximum speed for at least some time?
    I guess I won’t use that high speeds because I would like to use my usual manufacture Verbatim and its highest disc burn 6x but I think it’s not bad to have some higher speeds available when better discs arrive.

  2. Which “abilities”(for example DVD-Bitsetting) could be useful in such a recorder? What abilities should it definately have?

So that all for now, as I said this area is new to me so all recommendations and advices are very welcome.

We should probably clarify one part of your question at the start. A drive that works in your computer would normally be called a Blu ray burner. A blu ray recorder is a stand alone machine that can author to blu ray and record tv or other types of input. Blu ray recorders are very rare still and extremely expensive.

But from context, you are looking for a blu ray drive for your computer. The vast majority of these are SATA interface, and [B]all[/B] the modern ones are, so its good that you want SATA. :slight_smile:

12x is probably the top speed we will get, due to limitations of the physical media.

The two brands most recommended for blu ray burners are Pioneer and LG. If I were buying a new one, I’d get the Pioneer 206:

I currently have an older model LG and have been very pleased with its performance, so my second choice would be this current LG:

Since you want good writing to dvds and cds, I’d avoid the Lite-on burners and the Lite-on clones in other brands. The last test I saw on a Lite-on BD burner here at MyCE had some very poor results with cds.

I think I read something here and there over the Pioneer 205 and that it is a very good drive and I guess the 206 is the successor, is it equally good?