Buy one get one free dvd's

Circuit city has a buy one get one free coupon avalable in their add (you can get one in store in the flyer) for all cd/dvd media. I used it on phillips 8x +r. The coupon says it is not good on sale items but they let me do it. The phillips were 40$ plus 10$ rebate for 50 (plus get one free) so 30$ after rebate for 100 8x disks (cmcmag E01).
While there is defanatly some junk cmcmag stuff, I have had pretty good results with these
Thats not the best scan I have gotten but it is the only one I had uploaded.
I think they also had some verbatim 16x +r for 35$ for 25 so 35$ for 50 with the coupon (suposed to be mcc if I an not mistaken).