Buy now or wait?

Hi people,
I’ve been drooling over the Plextor PX-W4824TA since it got announced a while back, and i was just about to go order one when i saw a thread here on cdfreaks announcing the first Plextor SCSI drive and now I have a hard time to decide whether to wait for the SCSI drive or to get the PX-W4824TA.
I’ve always had a SCSI cd-rw (Sanyo) and it has always been pleasing burning and doing alot of other stuff at the same time. Worth mentioning is that I’ve never had a drive with BurnProof so i would like to have some feedback on this;
Should i go with the Plextor PX-W4824TA or wait for their SCSI drive? Or is the PX-W4824TA equal to the SCSI drive in load terms, can one burn and do other jobs as well smoothly? And for you who own a PX-W4824TA, is it as awesome as in the cdfreaks review? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

IMHO, that drive has, so far, a major drawback : it can’t bypass cds 200.

That will probably be corrected but i wouldn’t buy a drive without that ability.

But the PlexWriter 40/12/40A does?

Reading protections is probably the most important issue for me, what differences are there between the 40/12/40 and the 48/24/48 besides the writing speeds?

As long as you don’t do dual (or even more) - burning, a SCSI won’t give you any advantage. There has been a discussion in general hardware.