Buy music legally with your unused CPU cycles!

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Research facilities need computer power for large calculations. Normally they would need to build super computers, but what if they connect a lot of computers together and write software that is…

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worst business model ever. this is what happens when idea geeks get money behind them. at least they have a profit model, though.

Simple solution to build a few credits would be to leave a DSL/Cable modem connected PC switched on over night, while at work, etc. 24 hours a day. One catch: I connected a kWH meter to my PC and it clocks up roughly .2kWH every hour = €0.03c/hour, so these credits better be much more worth than that and watch the ESB bill :wink: Otherwise, its back to the traditional P2P networks.

/me gets his stopwatch ready to measure how many microseconds it will take for a cheat to be coded so he can rack up $$$.

The really stupid thing about this is file sharing doesn’t take a lot of cpu power, just bandwidth. So what’s really the point?

Sorry, guess I’m the stupid one because I didn’t read it completely. Delete my two posts if someone wants.

This article doesn’t completely make sense, however it sounds like you would have to give up some of your CPU power to do it. This does not sound good to me.

If I read the article right, it sounds like you guys didn’t. It doesn’t say anything about the end user earning credits, just that the p2p network would earn money for the use of CPU time on the end user’s PCs, and use that money to pay artists. And the LESS CPU time the P2P takes, the more it could earn, because it would leave more cycles available to be sold for research. This is not by nature a bad thing, in simple form it’s no different than running WinMX and SETI@Home at the same time. Many of us leave our PCs on round the clock anyway. (That reminds me, did I remember to launch SETI after I rebooted last night?) The potential “Bad” would depdend on the distributed computing applications the researchers wanted to run - are they safe and secure? Are they researching something that the end user would be against? It has potential, but let’s face it, the powers that be will never let it go, they want total control over what, when and how you listen to music.

Geeez, and I thought SETI@Home was a stupid idea… :d

I don’t know why you all are so pissed. This sounds like a pretty good idea to me. I don’t know if it will ever catch on, but I would use it. My computer is running most of the time, and something might as well be using those un-used CPU cycles (Running United Devices at the moment). If I could get a few songs for it, and know that the artist got a little money from it, I would really like that. I really hope that other people do to. btw> WOLVERINE18: when running a well-written distributed computing program, there is no impact on performance. I can tell no difference whatsoever when i’m running united devices.

this is total crap. now, I have nothing against the general idea - like connecting many computers for cancer or dna research. But in this case or in the case of the infamous ALTNET (go to for more info on that) your computer cpu power is ABUSED for marketing purposes! first of all, this crap will be installed without your consent, I assure you, at least it was so in the case of ALTNET, and even if the installer mentions something about the ThankYOU technology being installed, it will obfuscate the real purpose of this software. But I will tell you what the purpose of Altnet and ThankYou (or better call it PhuckYou) technology is: it will abuse your computer power to deliver ads and paid content (licensed music for which MS DRM will be used) to other people’s computers. And who will earn money from this? You? no, it’s the firm, who owns this technology. So let’s summarize: a) it’s spyware, because it will be installed without clearly explaining the purpose. like you know, marketscore is often obfuscated as an internet accelerator, while in fact it’s spyware. b) it will kill your system. like always with this spyware crap, like the New.Net spyware, etc. the programmers have no idea how to programme, and the installed IE bhos and COM elements will destroy your windows installation, crash your browser and prevent you from accessing the net, as it is the case with marketscore and the and other spyware components. c) the question is why obfuscate? and the answer is simple-if people recognise what pile of crap this is, nobody will install it. So here I am, telling you, don’t install this!And whatever the developers are telling you, they are lying, and I tell the truth. Why? because I am totally objective on this matter, since I don’t earn anything from this shit, so I can tell the truth, while they want to earn money, so they will say anything they want just to get this disgusting crap on your computers

I think it’s a good idea. I also think adding 5 or 10 dollars to you ISP bill a month is a good idea. The RIAA lawsuits are stupid however, and the RIAA isn’t associated with it. So when I sign up for this service, it’s going to take all my unused computer cycles and profit from it. But the RIAA could still come to my house and arrest me, and sue me even though I’ve been giving my CPU cycles away. There’s also a problem with charging a fee to your ISP bill. Because that would only be to cover pass theft. Sort of like when you walk into a store. Because people shop lift all the time, prices go up so you have to pay a higher price then you should have. But even though you’ll pay these higher prices your entire life to cover other people’s stealing you’ll get arrested if you try to steal yourself. So everyone ends up paying for other peoples mistakes and isn’t allowed to make any of their own. But that’s life right.

So in other words. It’s only a good idea if the RIAA doesn’t press charges against people that use this service, or pay a fee to their ISP. But since that won’t happen, your just wasting CPU cycles or money. At that point they become a bad idea.

I think I’ll just keep my good ol’ Seti@Home running. To me, this is a matter of advertising, and I’m sick of it. Buy this, buy that! Well, I ain’t gonna buy anything, I don’t need to use my CPU @ 100% all the time so I could download a few MP3s. Most of my collection is acquired offline, so to hell with this. Sorry, I am really dissapointed. Many people will fall into this trap. RIAA will nail them, this CV-P2P crap will end soon after that, but, whatta heck? The inventors will be rich by then. The only ones suffering will be the end-users.

How are they gonna pay back the musicians? They just happen to know and logs all the artists of the songs you dl’ed?

cool - the p2p cpu thing has been happening for a while. i think its a great idea - however, i cannot get broadband in my area - so on my modem this is no feasible.