Buy ltr-40125 or40126



Ive read, that model 40126 is announced. And it can be free upgraded to 48x. But 40125 can either easily upgraded to 48x.
Can anybody tell if I should wait? Or are there no heavy reasons to do so?
Can you confirm that version s or w doesn
t matter?
Thzanks for Your Help!



i havent heard anything about a 40x series 6 chipset… where did u read it?



If I’m correct this would be the 48126 which maybe can be upgraded to the 52246 (52x/24x/52x) or maybe even to the 52326 (52x/32x/52x).

I would go for a writer with a Media 6 chipset.


I don`t know where. Somewhere here in the Forum, perhaps it was a link from Forum to this one here.
Even an administrator answered it.
But if its 48126 its good, too!

Cheers Jens


Well, just wait and see if "… the 48126 can be upgraded to the 52246… " :smiley:


You mean its doubt if it can be upgraded?

because perhaps i`ll buy another burner: on July 31 here in Germany: Samsung SW232 is for 65€!

Do you know sth. about the TOC problem? posted by me some threads above.



buy liteon is u want to copy games, or asus but forget other brands.


Originally posted by shuebhussain
i havent heard anything about a 40x series 6 chipset… where did u read it?


thats it!


yeah, that was only a roadmap of upcoming Lite-On drives

A vision that probably come true. But you don’t have to take it for granted. Many things can be changed before it happens, you know.
And that definitely does not mean that, for instance, 40126 has already been available in stores .


Yeah thats right. But i didnt say so. See initial post.

Cheers Jens!:cool:


Originally posted by MrT


thats it! [/B]
Ahh of course; when i initially read it i just assumed the new chipset would be for 48x+.

Good i have been alerted to this, 'cos i was going to get yet another series 5 40x :slight_smile:


Yaya Its aaaaaaaall OK!!!

40 or 48. Those are speeds!
But I search a post or message of release dates. All see: