Buy HP-dvd630i or LiteOn?

I’m about to buy my first dvd burner for christmas.

Where I live, that basically means buying whatever WalMart has available. (I don’t like buying by mail or online.)

They currently have two brands and three burners.

HP-DVD630i and LiteOn 16x single layer (sohw-1613s??) and LiteOn 16x dual layer (sohw-1633s??)

I don’t know about the software bundle with the HP. I’m currently using Nero with my current Lite-On.

I mention that because I have been very unsatisfied with my old Lite-On-40125s cd burner.

Highly unreliable burning with serious problems with random read accesses. Been that way since the beginning.

How reliable is the HP dvd630i? Better than the Lite-On? Or was my Lite-On cd burner just a rare bad one?

I gotta admit I’m leaning towards the LiteOn but only because I’d like the newer version of Nero bundled with it… If it behaves as poorly as my cd burner, I don’t want to be near it, much less buy it.

Do those burners have built in fans? My Liteon tends to run a bit hot after a few minutes.


No modern optical drives have fans. Airflow through them would fill them with dust and dust is not something you want in an optical drive.

The dvd630i/e is a BenQ DW1620 AFAIK. I cannot tell you which to choose. Either would do its job I’m sure.

>No modern optical drives have fans. Airflow through them would fill them
>with dust and dust is not something you want in an optical drive

I thought the better ones did.

The airflow doesn’t necessarily have to be between the platter and laser, but around the parts that get so hot.

If some hard drives can tolerate a fan, I really can’t see why a burner couldn’t. It sure would help control the heat.

As for the drives…

So basically it sounds like you are saying that my experience with my LiteOn was unusual? That most people don’t have problems with burners like I do?

Or are you saying that most cd burners are simply unreliable and that’s just the way it is. And that dvd burners are just as unreliable?

This is my third cd burner (the other two were cheapies) and none of them have been all that reliable.

When I got my lite-on, I figured “Finally! I’ve got something that will work reliably”.

It hasn’t.

It works, provided it’s cold. About 3 burns in a row is all I can reliably get. Loads of fun during backups. (Sometimes more, if I burn slow.)

It works provided I don’t do much random access (such as trying to boot Knoppix, etc.)

It works provided I record at slower speeds (4x or 8x, although with a few disks, it only works at higher speeds, such as 40x)

But it is still better than my previous two drives were… (Which is why I still have it.)

This is why I was very hesitant to buy another lite-on. And was hoping that somebody was going to say that the HP was much more reliable or that my current Lite-On-40125s cd burner was a piece of junk with known problems and should be used as a door stop. Or something…

If a dvd burner is going to be this unreliable, then I’ll just be wasting my money.

Take the heat problem, for example. (I assume that’s why I can only do about 3 disks in a row.) If a dvd burner had the same kind of problem, then it’d have trouble before the first dvd was even done. (That’s one of the reasons I thought they had fans.)

I have the HPdvd630i for about a month now and it is great so far. I have backed up movies with clone dvd and anydvd no problem. I have backed up PS2 games no problem and I have also created dvds using nerovision. I have used e-gear dvd-r from target no problems, imation dvd+r no problem and sony dvd-rw. I got the drive for 99 dollars at walmart. I already had Nero 6 so I don’t know about the software bundle with the HP because I did not install it. Don’t know about dual layer yet because 12 bucks is too much for blanks lol

I think DL layer disk are worth the 8-10 for now just to test out the drive. I have a SOHW-832S LiteOn DL drive and it works great clonecd 3 movies as original DVD and played and test on three DVD players and passed. For the nero included in the package I go for the full version and do the updates from nero web site-that is the way I went. Cause the package give you limited options and functions. I dont know about how the HP and LiteOn compare but from previous experience with HP CD-RW drives-I won’t be buying their drives-the experience I had with LiteOn drives are more user friendly and cloning DVD movies I would recommend the 832S for the 16x I don’t know its specs. But I think speed shouldn’t matter here although others will say it does but too fast of speeds can cause errors unless you turn the speed down to the manufactor listing for the DL disk rather then go max speed burn. I also learned that from trial and errors speed no gurantee that is clone correctly. If you have any more questions just reply back here and I get back soon as I can a reply back or you can pm on here.