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I have ordered three items in past two years. All got here on time, all worked…and they beat the others in price at the time…which is why I ordered from them.

I was/am confused on how they work their returns (I did not see an RMA or phone contact on their site…maybe I missed it?)…but so far…every thing has worked.



Return Policy = you open it - you can ONLY return for replacement - not for credit (even if it is a piece of junk) - so be REALLY sure you know what you are getting BEFORE you buy it-eh!!

(To their credit - they prepay the return UPS charges)


I bought a DVD from one of their resellers. After a month of no DVD showing up, I complained to the reseller. They were very bitchy and didn’t want to do anything about it. I complained to the official and they refunded all my money (including shipping). I didn’t lose any money so everything turned out ok. I would probably try them again if I found something cheaper there than elsewhere.


Well…nice to hear will back their stuff up. I can’t believe you waited a month though…lol…I would have been calling on the 4th day or so.

Some items can not be beat (at the time)…Power Supplies were one of them about 6 months ago.

Mike above is giving some excellent advice there–eh


[QUOTE=Roadhog;2292294]Well…nice to hear will back their stuff up. I can’t believe you waited a month though…lol…I would have been calling on the 4th day or so.[/QUOTE]

I just figured it would show up eventually (I’ve bought about a million things online, and this was the only no-show with no explanation), and I wanted to be fair and give them a chance. I also had to wait something like 21 business days before I could complain, and there was a big holiday.

I never did find that expensive (Adam Ant) import DVD again for a good price. I guess I will have to shell out big bucks and get it from Amazon. I’m such a cheapskate, lol.


I was happy with until I found out they signed me up with shoppers discount and have been being charged for this service for months as we did not catch the $12 charge each month…always check, but not so much for the small items (which I did not sign up with, got no discount, did not know I had it, and never used it).

Call to shoppers discount said signed me up? said I signed up (which I did not, as if I had, I would have used the discounts…if any…do not know what shoppers discount is).

Call to was of no help at all, they acted like they could care less.

Neither nor shoppers discount can offer proof that I signed up nor gave permission to forward my information to shoppers discount???

Found out our credit card will make this good, but I am angry at for signing me up (and sharing my information including credit card information, not willing to try to help, and having the I could care less attitude). had some decent prices, and if no problems are good, but beware if you have problems…BEWARE!! You never know how good a place is until you have a problem.

I will not order from them again…EVER… I will stick with the Egg!!