-- TDK DVD-R 16x 100-Pk $39.99 free shipping

I have no idea what the media code is, but it is 16x media for 40 cents each delivered.

Not a bad deal on 16x, I haven’t been too impressed with TDK as of late though.

Don’t suppose those are the CMC Mag TDK’s do you?


TTH02 (made in Taiwan by CMC to TDK’s specs).

Where can you buy TDK003? The only 16x TDK I have sen have been Made in Luxembourg and I have no idea what the MID was because they were 20.00 for 25 discs.

You can get TDK003 in the 25 disc spindles of TDK 16x +R (with the Made in Luxembourg label) at various places; I’ve only seen them at CompUSA though.

What is the quality of the TTH02? Are they equal to MCC004?

Yo alan-

Would highly doubt that they could be equal as CMC Taiwan is using propritory materials, dyes and equipment from Verbatim to produce the MCC-004’s


The same can be said of TTH02 as it is a TDK media code, so it’s made with TDK dye and equipment. It wouldnt’ be fair to compare TTH02 to MCC004 (- compared to +); more like TTH02 vs MCC03RG20. That being said, the batch of CMC TTH02 I have isn’t very good, but I’ve seen reviews of other CMC-made TTH02 that fared better.

I have heard great things about TDK 003 and so so things about TTH02, they are made in different countrys but have yet to see TDK003 on sale and even if you can find them they are so expensive 19,99USD for 25 at CompUSA I find it hard to spend that kind of money when I can get MCC004 on sale at Best Buy for 9.99USD every other week. has the Verbatim 8x 100 pack for $30 after $25 rebate (including free shipping).

If they were offer ring the MCC003 + 8x I would buy them but the dash even at 16x is not as good.


Very true - but not bad medias either IMO (from one that owns about 150 of them-eh!)

btw - the Verbatim “Generic” MCC 003’s are about the same price - when you can find them - and are very good IMO