- TDK 16x -r & Maxell 8x -r on sale



Not sure about the quality of these DVD’s but has:

  1. TDK 16x DVD-r on sale. 100 pack spindle for $39.95 and free shipping.

  1. Maxell DVD-R 8X 4.7GB Spindles - 4 x 50 packs for $72.99 and free shipping.

Anyone know the quality of these? With these coupon codes, it’s not a bad deal, considering the cost gas in going to a store these days!

This code links to a 5% off coupon for that expires on 8/31/05:

Here’s a link to a coupon code for 15% off with the purchase of $200:



The TDK DVD+R 16x 4.7GB (50 Pack) Spindle - DVD+R47FCB50

also qualifies for free shipping.

I guess I need some more scans from people before I buy any but maybe I will anyway :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting


So you would rather go with the +r’s for $19 after the 5% coupon discount.
How are the TDK’s in general? For the most part, these are the prices that the stores charge when they’re on sale, but when you factor in the cost of gas these days and the personal time it takes to go there, it’s always better to buy off the web.

If only I could find another two friends or so to up the order to $200. 100 TDK’s would sound nice for $34 after the 15% discount (and no waiting for a rebate check nonsense).


I’ve only used the TDK 16x (- and +R) made in Luxembourg, with middling results, but judging by those cakeboxes those seem to be made in Taiwan by CMC. They should have the same media codes (TTH02 for the -R, TDK003 for the +R) but the country of origin makes a difference in the quality. I don’t think anyone has tested the Taiwan TDK 16x, so MegaDETH if you go for it you’ll have to let us know how they do.


Just found a $10 off all orders of $75 or more

That would make it 200 TDK’s for $69.90 or 200 Maxell’s for $63, assuming you can find some cheap item for $2 to increase the order to $75.

Please someone - a rating on these disks! Are they worth it?


Without knowing the exact media code, I wouldn’t buy any dvd. Find out the media code if possible…


The equivalent price at Circuit City for 200 TDK’s is about $60 but you have to pickup in the store ($7.50 per 25). I’m not sure if they’re the same code.


The TDK @ Circuit City is 8x.


These links might shed some more light on these TDK 16x discs:


Looks like they’re pretty good disks (unless CMC is involved somehow).


CMC is most definitely involved. CMC manufactures a good deal of TDK’s own -R media (TTG01, TTG02 and now TTG03). Not a bad thing though; TTG02 made by CMC works great on my drives, aside from my PX-712A which just seems to have a bad write strategy for that media code; even MIJ TTG02 doesn’t seem to work well on the 712A.


I have found VERY few MIJ TDK’s in stores. If so they are TY’s. The Maxell’s if MIJ are decent media. Since this is an online purchase, you don’t know if you are getting MIJ’s or MIT’s. Thusly, I will abstain from these.


It’s almost a 100% guarantee the 16x TDK -R media is made in Taiwan. It’s in a CMC-style cakebox. All of the TDK-branded TYG02 I’ve seen has been in a traditional TY cakebox. As far as MIJ TTG02 goes, it’s not available outside of Japan/East Asia but I’ve seen tests of it on Japanese DVD burning sites and the 712A doesn’t do so well with it.


I just saw some TDK +r’s at Best Buy that were made in India.