Buy Colored & Black Cd-R in Europe

I have a quick question …

I’ve looked all over the internet(and this forum) and i can’t find the right website to buy me Black on Black cdr and full color blank cd-r (front and back are colored), and this in Europe …

The black ones i’m looking for are like this : (front and back black, no print)

and the colored , like this please …

Can somebody please help me … :wink: searching for days now :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance !
(i hope i’m in the right place)


Hi Tim,;SESSIONID=959373.1249734030.;STEP=4#7200;SESSIONID=959373.1249734030.;STEP=4#3042;SESSIONID=959373.1249734030.;STEP=4#3427

Thanx man … Really helpfull !!

These will certainly work in Europe ? :wink:

Other websites are always welcome guys!