Buy a not-newest-model LiteOn soon "just in case"?

After reading through the OminPatcher thread, it sounds like LiteOn, in their newer models (and maybe in the newer firmwares for ALL models?) is making life hard for third party patching. That or I’ve totally misunderstood what I read - I almost hope I have misunderstood but I’m afraid I haven’t.

If someone had a LiteOn 1693, had patched it to do fast ripping and did most of their ripping on it, would it make sense to get another drive or two to keep around in case the 1693 fails from the “abuse” of high speed ripping? Is there another LiteOn that would make more sense to stock up on right now? Looks like the 1693s is out of stock several places… :frowning:

It’s a huge conspiracy, I know Bush is in on it somehow! :stuck_out_tongue:

Where have you been looking for it? These places seem to have plenty in stock:


Tigerdirect is selling them in packs of five:

Zip Zoom and Fly (with free 2nd day shipping): shows that Computer 3g has it for $41.49

okfine, I can get a 1693s - thanks for that info! :slight_smile:

So SHOULD I get a 1693s or 2? Just curious on thoughts on what LiteOn is doing and attached to my ripping speed.

Most drive failures seem to be related to the laser or an electronic component, neither of which are related to the rip speed, so the short answer is no. On the other hand, this drive with codeguys firmware is one of the best Liteons I have yet to see. So given the $40 or so I would say yes. Quite a few people still regret the passing of the NEC 3500.

I’d grab another 1693 for a spare, if I could. Haven’t seen one in any of the “regular” PC stores that I go to, they’re all selling later models. Don’t know if I can find one online, though.

I agree with Chas, with Codeguys’ firmware, this drive screams. So, if you can grab one (sounds like you’re luckier than me there), do so.


See my previous post.

Do you think they’re better than the Benq’s that everyone here seems to rave about?

Hehe, thanks. I’ll take a look!

Do you think they’re better than the Benq’s that everyone here seems to rave about?

TBH, I haven’t a clue. I’ve never personally used BenQ, just LG and LiteOn. So the only drive I can compare it to right now is my LG 4163 - it’s almost as good, but the 4163 just has that edge over the Litey. :slight_smile:

IMO, of course. Other experiences may vary!

I dunno, my KC4B 1693s still has problems with cheap media and certain RiTEK codes. If you stick to MCC or Yuden I think it’s relatively on par with everything else.

Even my LG 4163 has trouble with cheap media - oddly enough, I got my first coaster ever on that drive last night with…yes, a RITEK R03 +R. I wouldn’t keep that stuff for myself, I was burning it for someone else :bigsmile:

I find the Litey a little more forgiving with cheap (Ritek) media. It reads and burns stuff that the 4163 will just barf on. I managed to recover stuff from trashed Ritek G05s using my Litey.

And yeah, when burning MCC or TY, the burns definitely aren’t too much different to those of my 4163.

Just goes to show how people’s experiences can differ! :slight_smile:

Do you mean that the scans aren’t that much different or when viewing the disks on a stand alone DVD player, the viewing experience is nearly the same.
If it’s the latter what, if any difference do you notice? Clearer picture, less dropouts, less occurences of skips, or something else?

Ahh sorry, should have been a bit more clear there :doh: - yeah, I meant the scans aren’t that much different with decent media. Only time they differ tends to be with cheaper media, which I find the Litey does better with!