Buy a new NEC DVDRW to laptop. What to choose?


I’ve got a laptop (Tsunami Flyer ZW9 with a really bad drive: a QSI SDW-041 (we can see information about this drive in here: Packard Bell site). This drive gives a lot of CRC errors (I think it’s because the drive :rolleyes: ) and I just can burn dvd’s at 2.4x speed because in 4x the disc will became empty, in spite of the burn says it is ok. Besides it only likes some DVD’s (CMC MAG E01 it’s one that it likes) and the 16x speed dvd’s are really prohibited.
So, I intend to buy a new one and I came to a conclusion that NEC are the best! And I know where to buy those!

Well I can buy the NEC ND-7543A (68€); NEC ND-7540A (60.5€); NEC AD-7540A (57€).

So if you could answer some questions I would be pleased:

  • What do you think it’s the best NEC drive of those? And where can I find reviews of those drives?

  • What’s the difference of the ND between the AD? Are the same drive? Have the same realibity?

  • What do I have to take in consider to change the drive? (Because I see some people that buys one drive and then it don’t work: because of dimensions, if the laptop is IBM or Toshiba because those brands have their own drives, driver’s, problems with primmary or slave disc).

  • Can those drives be fit to my laptop with no great problems? (Considering the technical characteristics of the NEC with the QSI I have)

  • Besides, every NEC drive come with a black surface:. My drive as a grey surface and have their own design, so I’d like, when I buy the new drive, to replace that cover:
    As you can see:

It has 2 screw (I think) holding the cover as you can see in the last photo!
Can I really switch the NEC cover with this one? (Because of the button, the light and also the connection between the cover and the drive itself)
Or you advise me not to do it?

Thank´s in advance