Buy a LiteOn 832S?


I have currently a 851S which works perfectly with various media (thanks to the omnipatcher and strategy swaps). It’s only lacking DL support and 8x -R support. I’ve found the upgrade from 851S -> 832S (VS0A) not satisfying at all. All media show exorbitant errors in KProbe (PO > 300).

If I should buy a 832S I would have these same errors? I suspect the 851S and 832S aren’t not 100% identical hardware.

The reason I would like to buy a 832 is because I hope it can be tweaked into higher speeds (16x and 4x DL?).

Can someone give me some advice?

Apparently from what I’ve read the 832S is the last of this model range if your thinking 16x 4x+DL get a 1213S it may be upgradeable to the new 1216s (16x 4x +RDL) when the firmware becomes available and the code guys get hold of it.

hey buddy;

before you go buying a new drive; i own a 451s and i cant get a good scan either; but what i suggest is; flash back to GSOF/H and rescan a disc and you might be suprised!!!


ps- i would buy a 832s simply because you cant hardly get DL media!!!

I’d get a 3S. The 1213S is only slightly more expensive than a 812S and cheaper than a 832S.

I bought an original (without firmware upgrade hack) Lite-On SOHW-832S, about two weeks ago!
So far, i am very disapointed with it!
So far i have only tested DVD+R ID: RITEK R03, and it shows an high amount of errors too!
These discs when burned at 8x speed, show a very high amount of errors at the end of the disc! And the disc is not readable at its end, when burned at 8X!
When the same type discs are burned at 6X and 4X it still shows high amount of errors, but they are readable!
I think it is not a defective drive, since others are having this results too! Search this forum.
I feel robbed, because i have payed an 8X DVD burner an got a 4X one!
I think i will never buy Lite-On! Next time maybe i will buy a Plextor!
It was the first time i bought Lite-On, and it will be the last!

I am doing some more tests, and will post them in this forum later!