Buy a GeForce2 or a 2nd burner?

I already own a Plextor 8/20 and it works fine. I also have a Diamond Viper 770 Ultra. I want to upgrade but, I am not sure if I should get the GeForce2 or the Plextor 12/4/32 burner? Opinions please.

Stick to what you have, they’re both very good.

So I don’t see a reason to upgrade one of those two items. It depends on what else you have, but i would suggest upgrading something else.


A Geforce2 is nice, and a better option since you already have a good burner. However if this new burner means you are gonna sell more, because you can produce more, buy that one and you can earn yourself a Geforce2


pff dat is een moeilijk keus ja, ik heb 12 plextor en ik moet zeggen dat ie wel errug relaxed is hoor, audio cd in 5 min enzo

on the fly brand ie egt SNEL

maar die GeForce is ook kewl maar voor een stuk minder geld heb je ook goeie videokaart van 32mb die ook errug goed is…

ik zou voor die 12x gaan, maybe je 8x verkopen en dan iets bijsparen voor deze :

ASUS V68000 Deluxe - nVidia GeForce DDR - 32 MB - AGP
Met video-input, tv-output, 3D-bril en videobewerkingssoftware!

Fl. 889,00 | Euro 403,41

oh fuck heb ik nou me hele verhaal in het nederlands lopen lullen pff…sorry hoor administrators

Think you’d better buy a new video card: you’ll enjoy much more playing games which seem to be real instead of copying a cd in 6 mins when you can already do that in 8 minutes!!!

Maybe, the best choice would be waiting for the new ATI video card, Radeon 256, which is better than GeForce 2 as it reproduces 30.000.000 polygons supporting Transform & Lighting, Anti-Aliasing and lots of new features. Although, it is supposed to be available just on next August…

Good Luck!

Why the ××× would you want a 2nd burner?
GeForce2 = Da Best