Buy a BenQ 1640, but where?



Do you know where can I buy a BenQ 1640 drive ?
I don’t find any shop who sell it in Europe.


At :bow:


Also have it and ship to other EU countries.


What about in the US.


Dunno about USA, but probably within 2 weeks max. I know it’s for sale now in Germany, but not yet in Holland. :frowning:


What about UK?





This burner seem to be difficult found


It is now in Singapore!!!


Soon eleewhm will be able to report on this drive for us! :cool:


I think this maybe my next drive. Just so my 3500 isn’t alone. :slight_smile:


Is the phillips 1640 model the same as benqs ?


Unfortunately not, Phillips 1640 = BenQ 1620.