Buy 812s,or not to buy

was thinking of going to buy a dvd writer this weekend,a liteon 812s.
ihave been reading in the forums about them,and there seems a lot of people having second thoughts,whether its trying to write 8x,also having trouble with different media.
also that liteon prefers +R,and not -R,and it all gets confusing.
i dont really need d/l,but am i right in saying,that if you dont flash the 812s to the 832,then the 812s wont write 8xs?
i would prefer a liteon dvd writer,as i have the liteon 52x32x52 cdwriter,and so far i have always been with liteon,but whether their dvd writers are as good as their cdwriters,i dont know.
thats why i would like some advice on whether to buy the liteon writer this weekend,and if i do,will i have the same problems other people are having with their 812s.
im new to this dvd thing.all help will be appreciatted.thanks

nobody willing to give me any advice on this matter?i was looking forward to some advice from you,as i see there is a lot of acknowledgeable people on this site,especially as they deal with lite-on drives.oh well.

Welcome. :slight_smile:

I would always get the Liteon writer. Here’s some for and against to help you make your decision.

Good at CD burning (fast & great quality)
Good at CD backup
Excellent error correction capabilities (good reader)
Fast DVD burner (with hacked firmware a full disc can burn in 8:30)

Picky with DVD media but will give great results with good quality media. And poor quality media has proven to not retain the data over time anyway.

thank you for replying to my question,that gives me something to think about.
as to the media,what media would you recommend?
i will accept what you tell me,as it wont be a problem,as i will only be buying a couple of them to test them out,if you know what i mean.

the 812 is a good buy if you dont mind spending a buck a disk for “good” +r media, forget about burning -r in the 812, youll see why if you buy one :frowning: and it is the best dvd ripper/reader i have ever had. if you want to burn on cheaper disks or -r disks then go with the nec 2500 or 2510. the nec has much better write quality. i have both the 812 and the 2500a and i like both for what they do well…

ya gots to give props to C0deKing for all his work on the liteons. without his work the liteons would not be worth the hasstle, except for there reading ability

hope that helps, but rem its just my op. and im sure someone else will diff. :slight_smile:

thanks for your opinion,it does help immensly,i will certainly go for the +r disks,could you tell me what is the best media in your opinion, or that you use,which gives you good burns.thanks.

thanks for your opinion,it does help immensly,i will certainly go for the +r disks,could you tell me what is the best media in your opinion, or that you use,which gives you good burns.thanks.

I have had great luck with RICOHJPNR01. It is 4x media but, after OmniPatch’ing the US0Q firmware, burns at 4/6/8x with excellent KProbe scans. My latest Sony and TDK +R 25 cake boxes were both RICOHJPNR01.

I have had good burnings with both Ritek DVD+R and DVD-R. I put scan results a week ago on this forum. PI average ranges 2-10, PIF average ranges 0.01-0.2. I would recommend to buy 812S. My experience is to use US0N version firmware. Newer US0X or 832s firmware works as well but with a little worse result (still acceptable).
Good luck.

I think viewer meant US0Q as the newest 812S firmware, not US0X. :wink:

I’ve never had any real problems burning -R or +R in any of my LiteOn drives.
All of the -R I use is either 4x RITEK G04 or 8x TY.
The +R I use are 4x RICOH, 4x CMC, 8X RITEK.

And I’ve also burned cheap media as well. The LiteOn will burn cheap media…just not all cheap media.


thanks for all your about which media to buy, i will bear that in mind at the weekend when i buy the liteon,and get back to you.

Hi, this is kinda going against what other people have been saying, but i’ve had nothing but problems with the Liteon 812S, both with -r and +r, however +r has been a bit better (not buy much). I’ve tried many different media’s ritek, tdk, verbatim, cmc, etc etc but still had not luck. I had tried everything reading the forums, updating firmware, omni patcher etc, but nothing really fixed it for me. So i gave up and bought a DualLayer LG 4120B, and for me, it’s been night and day, A. the dvd’s and B. the error rates (from kprope2) are really really good. The liteon burner was made April 2004 if that helps, and the Lg burner was made in Jully 2004, also i’m in Australia, so it might be a different story where you are, and lots of people have had success with the 812s (whilst others havn’t), maybe ask the place in where you buy the dvd burner, that if it doesn’t burn dvd’s properly if you can return/exchange it, or even test it at the store (if they’ll let you).

Hope this helps.

Before you buy this drive, I suggest you spend a little more and buy a Plextor DVD writer. I purchased this exact drive and now that Im researching these forums; maybe the 812S wasnt such a good choice after all.

I bought the 812s and its burned every dvdr ive bought for it without errors,the thing i found from this forum is to make sure you use ms ide drivers and 80 conducter cable and that nforce2 are notorious for bad burns with the nforce ide drivers.

I recently asked by my buddy to buy him a DVD burner. I read … read … read … through forum and I pick two of the hotest:

LiteOn 812S retail box
Nec2500A OEM

Same price.

I spent >3 weeks tried out almost all firmwares with 12 different types of media. And I used 812 (832S Firmware version A) to kprobe2 all the quality and PLUS I put all of the movie copies into all my 5 DVD players which I bought them 1 each every year (almost).

I have to mention that I got LG4040B last year. Nn overall media test LiteON is not any better than LG (but LG recognize 9 out of 12 media:-)). NEC rocks!

The media I bought ranging from retail box version Maxell/Verbatim/Memorex/Princo(!)/Infodisc/Optodisc/Sonic/Ritek/TY/LiteON?/ECN/…

So, do NOT buy LiteON8x2, buy NEC25X0. It is same price even I got the 812S on retail box!

I kept LiteOn for myself. and I gave my buddy NEC2500A (since he paid for all the cost of the media, he is an audiophile… he has to burn some $:-)).

I bought another NEC2500 for myself and it is 5$ less now. I keep the LiteON 812S (it is 832S on VS0A) ONLY for kprobe. But heck why would I keep it if I know NEC kprobe quality beat these average players by 10X (the TOTAL average error is 10% compare to Liteon’s).

I just told my test result. Thanks for both NEC and LiteOn gurus to provide tools and firmware!