Buy 755SA now, or wait for 760SA?



Assuming you needed the SATA version of one of these drives, would you wait for the 760SA to come out before buying, or just get a 755SA, assuming the added 2x DVD write speed wasn’t crucial to you?

  • Tim


Or you can get the 760A. I’ve been using the 760A for a little over 2 weeks and the burner is giving me very consistent burns and coloration. This is my 5th Plextor drive experience.


Thanks for the suggestion, but remember what I asked… [I][B]Assuming you needed the SATA version of one of these drives[/B][/I]. :slight_smile:

'cause that’s what I need, I can’t use IDE, I’ve got eSATA from my laptop (as discussed elsewhere).

  • Tim


if the additional speed isn’t crucial, i don’t see any reason not to just get the 755SA.


For me, it was more of wondering if the redesigned motor/platter area would provide for cleaner burns and rips at high speeds (I’m ripping my CD collection, and my 716SA is having more errors lately), and, also, if the firmware is more advanced.

  • Tim


can’t help you with either since i have neither drive …but for ripping your CD collection, maybe look into the Premium2. dedicated CD burners are invariably better readers than combo DVD/CD burners.


Really? Why is that? There don’t seem to be many CD-only burners/readers out there anymore.

  • Tim


probably having one laser pickup instead of two (or 1 variable wavelength diode) leads to the better reading ability of a dedicated cd burner.

Premium2 will probably be available in the US. see relevant threads here in the plextor section.


I got 755sa and 760a, and IMHO i have much better expirience with 760a at the moment. 755sa has a mind of its own, some times it works great, some times I just want to throw it out the window.

My suggestion to you is wait for 760sa.
ill replace both of them for 760sa. I still have 20days to return both of them.