Buy 1650 or 1655?

Guys I’m hoping you can help me make decision. I’ve read through countless threads on here and can’t decide which will offer me a better quality burn, 1650 or 1655. I’m not interested in all the pretty bells & whistles such as lightscribe, etc. I’d like to purchase one that burns generally well on most media.

Anyone have suggestions? Should I also consider one of the Samsung drives? Thanks!

If you are not interested in LS then 1650, as they are (from what I understand) the same drive, except for the LS facility. THough If I am wrong it will be corrected by the more knowledgable here.


You may want to consider the LiteOn 160P6s - a very good writer to most media and a very good drive to use with ‘CD/DVD Speed’ at a cost at or usually below the 1650-eh!

Also the LG 4167 is a remarkably good burner - especially with Tayio Yuden 8x +R T02’s - however does not do Quality Tests-period!


Get BenQ 1655, I know you dont need LS but 1655 is not the same as 1650 with LS, it has lower jitter than 1650 and burn quality is slightly better than 1650. You can get a retail version of the BenQ 1655 for $43.99 + $6.67 shipping @ Newegg.

Agree with Mike about the LG4167 :)…but about the BenQs - I believe Jay is right about the only difference being Lightscribe (edit: but we both could be wrong there, it seems ;)).

I have a couple of 1650s, and my own opinion is that they’re excellent burners, and great quality scanners too. :slight_smile:

Thx for the tips guys. I love my current 1693 but it seems more picky on media compared to my old Benq 1620 that my girlfriend now has. The LiteOn 160P6s is tempting since I’m happy with the 1693 though.

I’m think the 1655 seems hard to beat since it’s the same price as the Lite-On and has lower jitter than 1650 I guess.

Not sure the LG is a good option for me since it doesn’t do scanning which will be essential.

BTW- I’ve tried 2 different NEC 3550 drives, 1 from the Egg and other from Monarch. I sent both back with 3 days due to horrible scans no matter what firmware I use. I wont consider NEC anymore after this even though I read all the rave reviews. Guess I just got 2 bad ones :slight_smile:

Yo macaddict01-

If you like your 1693s (like I did) you would certainly love the 160P6s (I certainly do) - I opted to stick with the stock firmware 'cause it did so damn good right outta the box-

My NEC 3540 with Liggy’s 1.01e firmware has proven to be a very fast and efficient reader/ripper (but not a very good burner) - so I use them like you see below-


Thanks Mike. Yesterday I noticed the 160P6s retail at the Egg was the deal of the day. $39 shipped was hard to pass up! I jumped all over it and should have it by Friday if I’m lucky. Just in time to play around on the weekend :slight_smile: Thanks again.

Yo - good move - let us know how you like it-eh!

(I found using the following settings give the best burns SB=On / HT=On / OS=Off).

The 160P6s [B][I]really[/I][/B] likes Taiyo Yuden 8x +R T02’s -eh!


Hey Mike, Just got the P6S in today and I’ll be testing it later this evening. I’ll start by using those settings you mention above. Any idea which firmware I should flash to? I’ve downloaded all the modded builds and the latest official build for now.

i also have 2 of those 160p6s along with 5 BENQ from 1620 to 1670. my lite on works very well with the latest test firm ware you can find on the lite on forum. it enables online hyper tuning , over speed, and smart burn. hope you enjoy yours.

It seems to me a new thread should be opened in the LITEON FORUM if the thread continues to discuss the LITEON drives. Afterall this is the BENQ FORUM.

The question of this thread have raised and answered so many times please do use the search engine before you post the new one. Go ahead just buy 1655 and get over with is only matter of $40.

1650 gets my vote or the 111. Unless you need litescribe and have seen it work and are happy with how it works and how slow as well as faint the burns for lables are you may be dissappointed. IMHO/This message does not reflect the views of the management! LOL :bigsmile:

And if you want/need Labelflash, get the 111. :wink: