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[QUOTE=alan1476;2502620]Deal is dead, too bad, they are excellent media.[/QUOTE]

The coupon code is still up on their site are you sure the deal is dead alan
did you add 2 of them to the cart and use the FREEDVDS code :confused:

If it wasn’t for this I’d go back and buy all they had left in stock :bigsmile: :iagree:

While Supplies Last! [U][B]Limit one free spindle per customer.[/B] [/U]

I have searched the Shopping on Google for AquaGuard and find Primera, HP and Imation all having the coating.

[QUOTE=tmc8080;2502619]I understand that an over 16x burn will sacrifice quality of the read in pie & pif, but 1700+ seems quite high… As I recall the Verbatim UAE dvd-r’s seemed to have much better results, at least for me. I thought the TY discs were the BEST one could buy… though the 8x were the ones that were supposed to have near ZERO pifs with reasonable pie rates (good reason why they still make them for “ARCHIVAL” purposes. We know the holy grail of zero pifs is a sort of fantasy and not necessarily a perfect indicator of long-term data integrity but more of a guide.[/QUOTE]
I burn almost exclusively at 8x, except when I test new media, then I try available burn speeds from 4x on up.

I stopped testing at 16x with these TYG03 PrintPlus because of 20K PIF’s! Crap, crap, crap. The worst performing Taiyo Yuden ever for me.

Verbatim DVD-R and DVD+R I purchased during my testing of these PrintPlus dogs proved to be better quality scans.

Also, I tested TY old stock of Silver Lacquer and matte printable T02 DVD+R and the quality was excellent per usual. I also had some disk quality scans of TYG03 DVD-R 16x Watershield disks for comparison, never had PIF above 2000’s and low Max PIF’s in comparison even at burn speed of 16x. So it’s not a question of malfunctioning burners.

I also purchased the newer TYG03 Silver Inkjet DVD-R along with the PrintPlus and they perform better than the PrintPlus but still variable, sometimes almost every other disk is a dog. I have had excellent burns with the Silver Inkjet, though, so I am not completely discouraged.

So far, I have 28 disks that are for shredding. About half of them are from testing three different media from that one purchase - DVD-R 16x TGYO3 Silver Inkjet and PrintPlus disks, and PrintPlus CD-R disks. The other half are BAD burns (done primarily at 8x) I wouldn’t rely on for archival data storage based on the horrible disk quality scans.

[QUOTE=tmc8080;2502619]I understand that an over 16x burn will sacrifice quality of the read in pie & pif, but 1700+ seems quite high…
I dunno if I could justify $25.50 per 100 pack when verbatims are about as good and usually onsale from time to time for less.[/QUOTE]

OK I finally got around to proving my point about the Verbatim not being much if any better
than the TYG03 discs are. I didn’t have any MCC O3RG20 discs around so I used one of the
MCC 02RG20 and one of the MCC 004 discs I had. The MCC 02RG20 was burned @8x and the
MCC 004 was burned @16x I’ll let the scans do the talking for me. :iagree:

First up the MCC 02RG20 burned @8x
second up the MCC 004 burned @16x

Here’s my experience with a spindle of Verbatim MCC 03RG20 DVD-R 16X Hub Printable I purchased to compare with the JVC/TY TYG03 PrintPlus disks.

My results show the Verbatim to scan much better than the JVC/TY media with my optical drives.

All media burned in an Optiarc 7240 burner with firmware v.1.02 and scanned in a Benq 1640.

(Side Note: Interestingly, a singular 16x burn on the Optiarc using the latest firmware of v.1.03 was not as good as with firmware v.1.02. Too little sample testing for significant conclusion.)

First image burn speed 4x
Second image at 8x
Third at 12x
Fourth at 16x
Fifth at 20x