Button 1 & 2



What is the difference between the two buttons? I only see that everything is checked with button 2 and nothing but the main is checked with button 1…

Is that the only difference? or am I missing something else?

I use button 2 and just remove what I don’t want, and it seems with button 2 that I should check off what I do want. Are these two options like the ole question “Is the jar half full or half empty”? or depending on how lazy you are which shall I choose, “To check or to uncheck”?



There are no big differences. From the manual:

The titles are preselected according to the chosen category:

For “Copy DVD Titles“, only the main movie, without menus, is preselected
For “Clone DVD“, all titles and menus are preselected

In any situation, you can change the title selection according to your personal preferences. The backup categories only describe a preselection of options, to make the program easier to use.