But who are the real pirates?

I just posted the article But who are the real pirates?.

TheGuardian has an article by Alan Cox, and he is very clear about the current powers of the movie industry. The movie industry seems to be become like the record labels and also starts to complain…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3919-But-who-are-the-real-pirates.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3919-But-who-are-the-real-pirates.html)

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Let them complain, not much they can do about it. In some years a DVDwriter will be standard in pc’s which brings allong a whole new thread to them! :wink:

they shall fear the thread

I bought the spider-man dvd 8 days ago at a fair, and the quality is amazing for a copy - better than video i’d say. So that kind of stabs that guys theory. I may add the guy got busted just after i bought mine - but thems the breaks! :slight_smile:

The year 2001 was the most profitable in film MPAA history, “FACT”. Sales slowed down of CD’s after the the loss of Napster, “FACT”.

Piracy is a part of any market. It’s not immoral, it’s amoral (look’em up). It doesn’t think, it doesn’t regret, it doesn’t have a conscience. That doesn’t make it wrong or right - neither exist. It’s simply the inevitable result of trying to market something on a reproducable medium.

A good point of copyright laws is made in this article: http://www.pcmag.com/article/0,2997,s=1500&a=27151,00.asp

Its OK for big business to have free trade over borders and international commerce but I’m only supposed to but a DVD in my little controllable goldfishbowl market. Something rotten in the state of Denmark. Let them eat cake. :r

I always hear people talking about quality of the recorded film. who cares about the visual quality if the film itself is good? as if anybody would pay 4 pounds to got to a cinema instead of downloading the film from the net for free. a good film stays good even if recorded with a camcoder in a cinema, while the new star wars movies are crap, whether you see them in a cinema or download from the net

I’d agree with that statement excepting I like to have the best quality to get the best experience. Some movies need quality in order to get the full effect. Especially action/sci-fi/fantasy stuff. But if it’s a drama perhaps not :wink: I can live without widescreen DVD quality and digital surround sound on some movies but would prefer not to of course. The other thing is they still think it’s all about cameras in cinemas when in fact a large majority of it is high quality DiVX/SVCD rips of actual DVD’s (Some screener DVD’s). Let them carry on thinking that IMO. More power to us!

I can tell you one thing. I do not buy movies. I watch them once and am pretty much all set with seeing them again. THere are some I do view a couple of times, but not to the point where I must own them. The only thing that has suffered from me downloading movies, watching them, then deleting them is the rental industry. But that is a good thing because I always bring movies back late and am charged full rental price when I am late by a few hours. :r

I download movies but really there is no compairison to seeing it on your tv. I guess if you like really small viewing area it’s ok but it is not the same as renting a dvd or going to a theater. The companies are losing no real business because people who download movies probably would not go see them anyway. Of course selling copies is just wrong and those who do should be jailed

Come on… The Spiderman release is of pretty good quality :stuck_out_tongue: