But for some reason anydvd doesn't recognize a blank dvd in my burner

just purchased anydvd.But for some reason it doesn’t recognize a blank dvd in my burner :sad: .I can put other discs in drive and it will read them :a .But says no disc present when i put blank in :a .Can anyone help ??


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What brand of discs are these?

Maybe I missed something, but what exactly is AnyDVD supposed to do with a blank DVD?

AnyDVD is not a burning program, so I don’t understand the problem. :confused:

well that’s why im in noob forum i guess…but when i inspect the drives it still tells me there is no disk present

Try to use a drive test software to check your drive. Use cd-dvd speed (you can download latest version here; it’s free)


Insert a blank media on the drive, and select the “disc Info” tab. If it shows informations on the disc, your drive recognize correctly blank media.

Underline what Drage posted.

Use a real burning app if you want to use BLANK dvd media.

unless you go to burn and that burning application tells you that it cannot write to disc or says there is no disc present then you don’t have a problem.

anydvd has no reason to recognize blank discs as has already been stated above. it doesn’t deal with blanks discs. windows reporta all of my dvd burners as cd-roms so I wouldn’t go based on windows reports either unless you’re actually having trouble burning the discs.

are you having trouble burning these discs? if so, what burning app is reporting issues and what is the exact error message?

also, i don’t believe you ever answered imkidd’s question above. what kind of discs are you using?