Busy pc disrupting burning

i don’t know, i just don’t know, whenever i burnt my dvds with nero, while it’s burning, my pc wouldalways be busy, the red light on my pc keeps flashing and i can hear my pc working very very hard on something, this in turn, cause every cd to come out of the driveer a coaster.

goddamn pc why what was it doing? it shouldn’t be busy while my nero is burning, what on earth

i use ewido antispyware to clean my pc, and i use a good registry cleaner to clean my pc as well, my pc has gotten a virus infection in the system resotre, but i think i clean it by disableing the system restore, so right now my pc should be very very clean, yet my pc just loves to work on something in the background, hauling rockets into space and caculating on some sort of crap, thus causing every burn to become a coaster, even though it was successful.

pelase help me, why is my pc so damn busy, i need it to stop doing that, right here right now! please help me T_T

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