Busy pc disrupting burning , please help me

i don’t know, i just don’t know, whenever i burnt my dvds with nero, while it’s burning, my pc wouldalways be busy, the red light on my pc keeps flashing and i can hear my pc working very very hard on something, this in turn, cause every cd to come out of the driveer a coaster.

goddamn pc why what was it doing? it shouldn’t be busy while my nero is burning, what on earth

i use ewido antispyware to clean my pc, and i use a good registry cleaner to clean my pc as well, my pc has gotten a virus infection in the system resotre, but i think i clean it by disableing the system restore, so right now my pc should be very very clean, yet my pc just loves to work on something in the background, hauling rockets into space and caculating on some sort of crap, thus causing every burn to become a coaster, even though it was successful.

pelase help me, why is my pc so damn busy, i need it to stop doing that, right here right now! please help me T_T

It’s possible that DMA is not enabled on either the HDD or the burner. Try this thread .

Coasters, high CPU usage & slow data transfer are the symptoms , which might fit your situation.

i’ve enable it, but can you tell me what DMA is and what it actually do? and the symptoms thing you mention, what did you meant? what’s wrong with my pc?

i have p4/1gbram/80gb SATA

my pc’s been acting like that since i got a virus in my sys restore, although i got rid of it long ago, i’m going to wipe my hd soon.

i’m sorry for cross posting, i’ve waited all day and noone reply, i was desprete and post another hoping someone else might see it, sorry.

Have you examined your Task Manager to look at which processes are taking the most CPU usage? How many processes are you running at start up?

Take a look at the list and do a bit of research. There are several websites that will discribe each process and tell you a bit about it.

I had a problem with an AOL process that was running in the background, its only function being to allow instant chat using AIM. It would periodily suck CPU power to 100%, thereby bogging down some things I was in the middle of. I was able to safely disable this program and free my system from this memory hog.

Check out your process list and see if there is something running in the background. Ask, if you need to know how to access your Task Manager list.