Hello Guys.
Today there was a big bust in Germany at the Frankfurt am Main Airport.
The german Police has taken a package of Crazy Bytes CDs with 850kg.The second Package that will arrive later the day has about 1000kg.The CDs came from the Ukraine,and i think that the German Police got a tip from someone.The 2 packages are around 25000 CDs.So Crazybytes Team be carefull dudez and dont get busted as the Akira Team.I cant tell you more at the moment because everything is under high security.

When i know more,i`ll tell you.

Bye,from Germany... a TL and CB lover.


Kirby, keep us updated.




What I like to know is, how the hell did u get that info so fast??

If u can get that kinda news more often, then I suggest u post some more msg’s more often…




Hope some of them come through to holland.

Thanx for the info…



Wat een bull shit zeg…


hehe… ok, i heard enough, tnx mp


To all you guys that thinks that i talk shit…

Next time you`ll get no information from us.

We work here and we`re know what have seen…

Don`t you think we can loose our job for such an information???