Busting DVD Player




I desperately need to know what software that could help my failing DVD player copy large files to the computer without starting all over again when it stops copying in the middle of the process. Sometimes the difficulty in copying doesn’t lie with the fact the the cd is breaking but also because there are bad or corrupted regions because of scracthing or what have you.

For example, when i copy dvd VOB files, which as you know is quite large, can take quite a while. Is there a away to break it up in chunks? so when the hardware starts to have a hard time copying the file at, say, 900Mb mark, the software would save still save the file.

The application would take note that it has just copied 900 Mb file and would resume it’s 200 Mb file in a separate task (in this scenario the total size if the file is 1100 Mb). The application would know the bad area in the cd and would skip the region. I don’t mind losing around 10 Mb of data due to corruption rather than losing the whole file just because a few bad apples in the cd tracks.

What i mean by copying is not in the backing up of movies sort of sense but i’m asking this forum for software ideas because you guys are really knowledgeable in which proggies to use so i thought i’ll give it a go asking it here.

The error logs i get or the warning errors Windows gives me is the usual errors people get when their cd cannot or fail to copy/read any file, be it avi, rar, zip etc

I like to and always watch my dvd movies when i copy the VOB files into my harddrive first. This way the transfer/read of files is faster and more reliable than that from the dvd player. It is so annoying when in the middle of watching movies and the cd player is taking a lot of time seeking the tracks

Sorry if i’ve no intention of becoming a dedicated member of the board because i’m just too preoccipied with things already. fyi i am not a member of any board on the net as well.


wow i once asked myself whether there was a program not written yet…

I guess i’ve found the answer.