Busted? All P2P downloads seem blocked

I have been a happy d/l camper for a couple of years. Suddenly, all of my uTorrent video downloads showed red on the download arrow. NADA coming through.

To double check, I went to a second P2P site and tried to d/l a small non-video file. ZAPPED!

I have read the MMPS finds out the IP address of some downloaders by posting a fake file and then writes the ISP and says they should/must block the downloads for this user. I’m wondering if this is the case with me.

And then for the frosting on the cake, I went to bite the bullet and pay for the episodes of “Lost” I wanted only to find out that since I’m not in the U.S. at the moment (relaxing in Mexico), I can’t even buy them.

I may try another client (other than uTorrent) and see if there is a change.

Any thoughts appreciated.


In uTorrent try Protocol Encryption set to Forced. That’s in Preferences -> Bittorrent. It’s a way of overcoming traffic shaping (throttling back) of torrent downloads.


I’m sure you know this, but most videos stores like iTunes, etc (even the websites of the major networks) won’t work outside of the US. I believe it has to do with international copyrights and release times for popular shows. One way to go around this is to connect to a US server (e.g. using a VPN) and then you can download the materials…

Good luck!