Buslink is Lite-on

I bought a Buslink DVRW412RD because it was cheap and several folks were saying it’s a lite-on DVDRW LDW-411S. It is a lite-on, and Zebra’s mod works perfectly on it to upgrade to 811s. Thank you thank you.

BTW, I had read a lot of comments advising uninstalling Intel Application Accelerator before doing any mods or upgrades. I took a chance and did not uninstall it. On my system - p4 1.6, asus 4b266 mobo, win2kpro - IAA caused no problems. I haven’t burned any dvds yet, so we will see.

It’s not a matter whether the Intel Application Accelerator affected your flashing, but it’s just another layer of possible concern, and could possibly affect someone else.

Congrats on your upgrade :iagree:

The problems with Intel AA are more burning issues rather then upgrading issues.
If you have problems burning your first step should be removing it.