Buslink 48x12x48x

i just got a Buslink 48x12x48x from bestbuy the model is LITE-ON LTR-48246S SS08

i found the ss09 firmware if i upgrade to it will it make the cdrw speed faster ? 24x?

Your drive can already write a cd-rw at 24x. Updating to SS09 will probably just increase the media compatibility.

but on the box it says 48x12x48x ?!?!?!

So you got a good deal!

It looks as though all the Buslink 48x12x48x drives are now the newer series drive,(48x24x48x), which makes them an even better deal. $69 at CompUSA last time I checked. So unless you get an older, dusty one, Yahoo!

YAY!!! now just need 24x cdrw… i only got 8x and they suck