Businesses plan to skip Windows 7 upgrade

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A new survey indicates six in 10 companies will skip Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system, which is due to be released on Oct. 22.

"This survey highlights the impact the economy has had on…

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Same story about MS windows everytime there is a new OS. Businesses said the same thng back in the XP Days too. I’ll be getting it ASAP!

You’re twisting words Michael. There’s a big difference between a company not upgrading to Windows 7 ever and those who do not have any current plans, which is what the survey actually said.

As Dr. Who pointed out, businesses do this every time a new OS comes out. They wait a year or two for things to shake out before doing a mass deployment.

Seems businesses have the same idea I have, wait for the idiots to debug Windows 7 for MS then upgrade maybe later on. There is no reason really to change an OS if your current OS is still supported and works pretty much rock solid. And are the features really worth plopping down 100’s of dollars?

  1. Make the things you do every day easier with improved desktop navigation.

Ok, so whoopteedo.

  1. Start programs faster and more easily, and quickly find the documents you use most often.

My programs start fast already on XP Pro. And if you can’t find your documents quickly, that you use most often, then you should really get some help, mentally.

  1. Make your web experience faster, easier and safer than ever with Internet Explorer 8

No thanks, I will stick with Firefox.

  1. Watch, pause, rewind, and record TV on your PC.

I can do this already on XP Pro with freeware.

  1. Easily create a home network and connect your PCs to a printer with HomeGroup

I can do this on XP Pro already.

  1. Connect to company networks easily and more securely with Domain Join

Can’t you do this in XP Pro?

  7. Recover your data easily with [automatic backup]( to your home and business network.

Can do this on XP Pro.

  1. Help protect data on your PC and portable storage devices against loss or theft with BitLocker.

I can do this on XP Pro with the aid of a program. I bought a USB drive that came with a free file encryption program and you need Windows Ultimate 7 for this?

9 .Work in the language of your choice and switch between any of 35 languages.

Do I need this? Really?

My thoughts on the features listed on MS’s website, for a new OS, it doesn’t really look like they made a good case for upgrading. To me, it looks like they have changed part of the GUI, which they always do anyways to give it a “new” look when in fact it isn’t new really underneath. Making graphical changes to the GUI isn’t worth a couple of hundred dollars or more even with the features mentioned on their website. Sorry, I can see why businesses would want to pass.

To bolster your argument on item #8: You can encrypt on the fly with XP as long as you use NTFS. It is built in and no other program is needed. It is seamless to the user, but any intruder would be unable to access the files. You can’t encrypt system files of course or even compressed files, but any other folder or whatever, you can protect.

we waited a few years with Vista and that is gone and now Windows 7, wait a couple of years and that will be gone too. XP just keeps being extended :wink:

I wonder if the companies interviewed were already on Vista or still XP ? That is a big consideration. A business that moved to Vista already probably isn’t ready to change O/S’s again so soon. A company still on XP will be more likely. Changing O/S’s for an entire business is a big deal with enormous impact in many cases. IT tend to put these things off as long as possible for a few reasons.

I’ll stick with XP until it stops working or when I build/upgrade my rig. For now XP flies…

I would say 80% of companies are still on XP. Why? Because they don’t want to train people on a new interface. Also, companis are sure to have plenty of applications that are not and never will be “Vista Compatible”.

I think this is why MS is offering the XP mode “feature” to enterprise and anyone else that thinks they need it.

According to this article, most businesses downgraded from Vista to XP Pro.

yes :slight_smile: and continue to. Let’s see we went from 95 to W2K and now most of the systems are XP although I have a couple of W2K machines too. If we can just make it over the Windows 7 hump :smiley: looking good with the downgrade program being continued forever? :wink:

I will keep XP until my PC likes it. And it likes it now. Doubt it will change any time soon.

Change OS just to get a stupid new GUI? Why do I need that trash? Oh, wait, so that my hardware resources are consumed. Yeah, great.

And what about the beyond stupid tendency of MS to change the place where most settings previously were? It’s a nightmare to find common things on Vista/Win 7. Everything is just so easily acessible with XP.

Same thing with Office 2007 and that brain dead interface. Everything was already on well known places. Now we must relearn where the same functions are. That’s a really great way to make people more productive. NOT!

MS really shot themselves in the foot with XP. A fairly stably OS that has been going to strong for nearly 10 years. I don’t think in the history of OS’s i’ve seen one last this long. People used to be climatized to the fact a new OS came out every few years, but XP has stopped that. I’ll probably get Win7 on my next computer, but I won’t upgrade this one. Not unless software isn’t created to support XP anymore.

Same here man. My next OS might be Linux. I am about to give Ubuntu a look see. I am really getting sick of MS coming out with OS every few years, changing the GUI a little and saying it is a brand new OS when in fact it is the same rehashed garbage. Here is what I want MS in an OS.

  1. A small compact OS
  2. Runs very efficient
  3. System resources usage is minimal
  4. Memory usage is minimal
  5. How about less than 100MB memory usage at startup? Now thats an idea

If people can make a protected mode 32/64 bit OS with a GUI and everything else that can fit on a floppy, why can’t you MS?

If a few guys can get together and make an OS like this, imagine what MS could do, with their resources, if they really thought out of the box.

You mean like Google “Chrome”? :smiley:

That is built off of Linux right? I hope they, google, do succeed in eroding MS’s market share.

At least they’re not as bad as Apple. They literally come out with a new OS every year. Gotta love that Apple tax. :rolleyes:

Well one thing that does piss me off in XP is that it deactivates for unwarranted reasons. I recently installed a driver via Windows Update for my motherboard NIC and Windows freakin deactivated because it thought I had changed hardware too often ! And it did it several other times as I updated my BIOS and other drivers soon after. I was able to reactivate each time but I believe MS has a counter for the activations and will refuse eventually.
Thats what gets me. Its like DRM. MS punishes the honest users with flaky anti-piracy policies & measures that don’t work and end up causing us grief !

IT budgets in corporations have been slashed and many simply don’t have the time or money to upgrade to a newer Windows infrastructure. A GNU/Linux alternative such as Red Hat Linux Enterprise (RHL) or SLED (Novell SUSE) is a far more cost effective and higher performance option than investing in more overpriced Microsoft garbage.

Don’t you just love the way MS treats their costumers? :rolleyes:

Anyway, I very much doubt that Vista and 7 will alleviate that problem. Probably it will be even harder on you. You know that, with Ballmer, MS motto is to DRM you to death.

I was planning to get 7 copies of the Ultimate edition to carpet install across my domestic network. Having used the RC for a while, I’m very impressed.

But the European Commission’s ruling that MS can’t include Internet Explorer has put a huge pale of water on my enthusiasm.

There is NO WAY I’m buying Windows 7 without Internet Explorer. It’s like buying a car with no tyres.

Wonder if they’ll force Apple to remove Safari from MacOS?