Business-card shaped CDs in slot loader



I have a CD-R in the shape of a business card, it looks like this: But I’m afraid to put it in my iMac, which has a slot-loading CD drive. I’m worried it will get stuck, or perhaps damage the drive. I also wonder if it would work in my slot-loading car stereo.

I have better things to do than take the iMac apart (though it will be fun someday, I don’t have time right now:-). So, has anyone learned this lesson the hard way already?



You shoould NEVER put any cd’s with strange shapes into your Slot-In cd-drive. Because even if you manage to get it in, you’ll probably never get it out.


You must ask yourself this:

Why would they make such goodies for business properties??, just to avoid problems with cd -drives?

Nope… i think its perfectly ok to put them into your MAc…i-mac


The websites I’ve seen that sell “business card” cd-roms and cd-rs usually post a warning stating that they will not work in slot loaders, CD-changers and caddy type players. When I first saw the i-mac with its slotloader I said to myself that the designers at Apple blew it by making their new computer incompatible with this new medium which is just starting to become popular.
Don’t try to stick it in your slotloader. If you do, chances are you’re just going to have to fish it out of there.


Slot-in loader rely on the fact that there is a standard size for CDs, since it has to place the “little hole” on the cd directly OVER the drive wheel, so that it can be inserted and the spin the disk, to do this it forces the disk into position between two little walls. If the disk isn’t a standard size it can’t be “squeezed” by these two walls, the drive whell can’t be inserted and the disk can’t spin. The little wheels that push the disk out or the drive will also have problems with grasping the disk also.

In short, don’t do it. :þ