Bus encryption implemented through firmware?

I have a DELL OEM drive which I crossflashed a long time ago to a CH10NS20 and then to a CH10LS20(newer firmware for this model).

In ImgBurn, the capabilities showed that the drive supported LightScribe(totally false) and Bus encryption capable was unchecked.

But now I’ve flashed it so that it shows up as a CH12NS28(I can’t find recent firmware for a CH10NS20) and as a result, Bus encryption capable is now checked.

Is this real or does that capability require hardware support?

Does it even matter?

To compare, LiteOn has its iHBS112 that initially did not support bus encryption, but a new “series” of firmware could be forced onto the hardware [no matter what series of FW the drive shipped with] and have support enabled. It sounds like it’s the same thing going on here. And as far as I know, the 112 could be flashed with 312 firmware, which also has it enabled.

So it’s pretty much firmware based, in these cases, especially since LG recycled its hardware in the same fashion LiteOn did. The thing is, no one ever really mentioned if it specifically worked, but I’m also not aware of anything which requires that capability to test.

EDIT: I was wrong; for the LiteOn drives at least, it requires a specific revision of hardware, and no revision of firmware enables it. This is according to software tools which report support of the feature, probably the same software you use. From the Plextor PX-LB950SA (rebadged LiteOn iHBS212) thread: [QUOTE=anywhere;2721499]The most accurate method to check whether your Drive is 1st generation or 2nd generation is bus encryption supporting. 2nd generation does [support bus encryption] and 1st generation doesn’t [support bus encryption] even [if] your 1st generation [drive is] using 2nd generation firmware.[/QUOTE]