Bury me with my cell phone



We take them with us to the dinner table, the bedroom, even the bathroom stall. But in recent years, some of us have started taking our beloved cell phones someplace really startling: the grave.

“It seems that everyone under 40 who dies takes their cell phone with them,” says Noelle Potvin, family service counselor for Hollywood Forever, a funeral home and cemetery in Hollywood, Calif. “It’s a trend with BlackBerrys, too. We even had one guy who was buried with his Game Boy.”


You just have to read this



Freaks :stuck_out_tongue:

There needs to more psychiatrists available :iagree:


next people will start selling a charger so the phone will stay charge even if they go to heaven or hell. I can just see the person standing in hell asking Satan where do I plug in my cell phone charger. someone should draw this picture . If I could draw I would do one of hell with Satan standing there and a person asking where to plug in my cell phone.