Burst rate?



hi-im relatively new to pc’s and joined this site today, so please excuse my ignorance–i have a few internal drives and just discovered nero cd/dvd speed–to my surprize, it shows that my hp dvd writer 630i has a burst rate of 1mb/s, while my others are 22 and 66 each, i see here thats a normal range–i cant find anywhere on the net what the 630i supposed to be- could 1mb/s be normal? could it just be that i have one of the slowest burners on the market? (it would figure) p.s. dma is set

also, i noticed in the buyer post here that lite-on is one of the few drives that can overcome cd protection-whats thats all about? i didnt know that would have anything to do with the drive (thought it was about software) can someone direct me some knowledge about that?