Burst Rate Problem

I have an external LiteOn 832s burner running through USB 2.0 connection. I read here that the burst rate should be around 22mb/s. Mine is only 10.89mb/s!!! How can I fix this?

Laptop stats:
Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600
20 gig hdd with 15gig free

Seems like 700Mhz is a little slow for a DVD writer, but dont quote me on that. I have the same writer and dont have a problem, but mine is a powerhouse so i guess i wouldnt. Is the burst rate actually affecting your burns?

I can’t burn at more then 4x. When I try burning at 8x it takes about 30 minutes or more to finish the burn and then the burn is shitty quality.

There is no way I can upgrade my CPU on a laptop is there? Like, I can’t replace the P3 with P4?

Depends on the manufacturer, but most likely no. Mine is doing the same thing so I dont think its your PC thats the issue. I have a Dell Inspiron @ 3.2GHz w/ 256RAM and it took aprox 28 min for a full 4.38GB burn (just finished) Im at a loss of what is wrong, and am starting to get pissed myself, just at the compatability issues, besides getting little support from the forum

5:16 am here going to bed (too stressed)

The forum is good, sometimes they just don’t have the answers.

If your problem is when you’re trying to burn at 8x, then take it down to 4x. It will still burn in 15 minutes. Better then your 28min right now.

I have found with experience that with laptops you are a LOT more limited in capabilities with burning. If you can have a normal PC, that’s the way to go. I would if I could, but I need a laptop for at work and am not going to waste the money on a normal PC also. Burning at 4x is really okay for me anyway. What really pisses me off about this machine is for some reason it drops out sometimes when transfering data (which is what I thought might be the burst rate problem). And for whatever reason it can’t do on the fly copying with dvd-r discs. I’ve been thinking for sometime to take this machine to a computer tech to be looked at.

Is your Laptop’s USB port version 2.0?

Yes, it is. A USB 2.0 ALi cardbus.

You may do some speed test to check the maximum possible burst rate.

It may also depend on other hardware such as harddisk (UDMA 33/66/100??)

Is “ALi cardbus” a PCMCIA addon card? or a buildin in your laptop?

@ ForeverLearning
With a burst rate of 10.9MB/s, you should be OK burning at 4x speed. Your experiences with transfer rate dropouts may be due to your laptop running some programs in the background, like screensaver,email etc. It may be also from a fragmented source file compunded by the slow(4200RPM or less?) laptop HDD and your P3-700MHz. You may benefit from defragging before ripping to get 5+GB continuous free space for an image. You might benefit from making sure that no other processes are going on during your burn…obviously no surfing or multi-tasking. Run ‘adaware’ or the like to kill any spyware. I have a similar situation with my laptop, but I get 12MB/s with my 851@832sx and I am able to burn at 8x. I plug directly into my USB2.0 ports, so I have no card to contend with. But I must create ideal burning conditions to get good results. Let us know if any of this helps.

As for actually fixing/improving your burst rate, you may need a different USB2.0 card…have you seen the big external enclosures thread . Sometimes it means taking your lappy to the computer store and trying all cards until you get the desired results.

I don’t know how to check what harddisk I have from what you said above.

The ALi cardbus is a PCMCIA add on card.

Hi Please,

I can burn at 4x no problem. Just not at 8x. I run nothing in the background when burning. Screensaver is off, no net windows open. Email is often open, but nothing downloading or doing anything on there. And half the time it is not open either. I don’t know about the 42000RPM thing. As to the amount of free space on my hdd, I have 15 gig free space and defraged only a couple weeks ago. I run adaware as well as other programs weekly. Maybe a new card is in order. I have been told that before. I really only want to burn at 4x anyway, but when transferring data and getting drop out’s, well that shit is frustrating. I’ve never read that thread, so I will check it out. As for going to a computer store, yeah, I probably will end up doing that at some point. Very frustrating how I can’t do on-the-fly copying with dvd-r discs too. I can do it with dvd+r, but it won’t do it from a dvd-r.

@ ForeverLearning

As to the amount of free space on my hdd, I have 15 gig free space and defraged only a couple weeks ago.
When I used my laptop every day for burning and surfing and whatnot, I find that I got better results from defragging once or twice a week after running ‘disc cleanup’,…I will defrag even if the program tells me I don’t need to…the more you defrag the better. My best burns were always after a defrag.

I’ll give it a try. Can’t hurt.

The fact is you’re trying to burn at 8x with a 700Mhz PIII and added to that its through a USB 2.0 card, USB is processor intensive and your CPU just cant keep up be happy with what you’ve got.

That’s what I thought. But other people have the same set up and it can keep up. Maybe a different USB card would help. Or maybe Firewire is better?