Burst rate on SATA drives



I’m wondering what kind of burst rates others are getting on their SATA burners. My new AD-7200S gives me 26740 KB/s which is way below my old IDE burner. I would have expected it to be a lot higher, since it’s SATA.
I know it’s a hypothetical problem, but seeing as the AD-7200S supports 20x writing at 27500 KB/s there is a potential problem here, and I would like to hear what others are experiencing. I have the burner connected to my Intel ICH8R controller in AHCI mode. I have also tried running the burner off of my secondary onboard Jmicron controller in both AHCI and IDE mode, which gives about the same results.
What’s your burst rate and how did you achieve it?


27.5 MB/s is pretty low, was this measured with a CD-R or DVD media in the drive? If it was a CD-R try again with a DVD media.

Things to check.
Do you have the latest Intel .INF drivers installed?
The same applies to JMicron.

You should be getting something near 40MB/s


Yes, newest drivers for both Intel and Jmicron installed. This was measured with different DVD+R that was burned with excellent results on my LiteOn burner. I’m pretty baffled by this…


Have you checked the manufacturer of the motherboard for both latest drivers.
Intel are slow to list theirs.
The latest on the gigabyte is version
I have a 7203S which give 40MB/s + burst rate.
List your versions + the motherboard please.


Thanks for replying. I have an Asus P5B-E Plus, and ASUS immediately gave up on supplying the newest drivers, so I always download them from the manufacturers of the specific components, ie. Intel and Jmicron. Right now I have the drivers installed (which according to Intel is the latest version for the P965 chipset that I have) for the Intel SATA controller - didn’t know a newer version was available. It’s worth a shot trying these drivers out, but I don’t suspect this to change anything. Maybe the drive is faulty in some way…

EDIT: I have four SATA hard disks connected to the Intel controller alongside my new SATA recorder. Although it shouldn’t, could this have something to say? Also, of my six Intel SATA ports four are red coloured and two are black. The manual states that the red ones are used for boot disks, while the black ones are for data disks. I have my burner connected to one of the bootable ports.

What really baffles me is that the burner has the same low burst rate when connected to the Jmicron port.


The black SATA ports usually work fine with SATA ODD’s. As does Jmicron ports.
Unless like me you have Gigabyte’s backup nonsense making these ports almost useless.
That’s to me personally anyway.
Try the Intel drivers for gigabyte if you like.
As for the Jmicron the motherboards drivers should be ok.
Maybe a problem with cable.
If the LiteOn works well, try swapping cables with the Optiarc.


The LiteOn is an IDE burner, but I had another SATA cable lying around but that doesn’t change anything. Still low burst rate at 26 BM/s. The newer Intel drivers didn’t do anything, either. Actually, I don’t think they even updated anything on my system - I still have 8.6.1007 as my SATA driver, which is the ICH8R driver that comes with
Maybe the drive is faulty in some way. My first burn wasn’t exactly spectacular, either, as you can see in the posted pic. This was a 12x burn on Verbatim DVD+R (MCC 004) which normally burn nicely in my LiteOn IDE burner.


I gave up and tried reinstalling XP from scratch. Now my burst rate is 48 MB/s. Just in case anybody should look up this thread in the hopes of finding a solution.


[QUOTE=KristianT;2164807]Now my burst rate is 48 MB/s. Just in case anybody should look up this thread in the hopes of finding a solution.[/QUOTE]
Kristian - FYI: new Giga EP45-UD3R board, same Intel AHCI driver ver, slipstreamed install XP, new 7200-S v1.06 (connected to Intel port 2 in native mode) - have had time to run my 1st CD DVD Speed Benchmarl - also 48 MB/s burst rate


KristianT, uninstall all emulation drives (Daemon Tools, Alcohol) and SPTD, reboot your PC. It is one of variants.


Yeah for some reason with my lite-on sata drive it runs in udma mode 5 & my burst rate it 72mb/s. I’ve never seen a drive run this way before


I get over 80mbs burst rate on my Samsung SATA SH203B. Its normal. Your opitcal drive is set to UDMA 5 because it can deal w/ more than UDMA 4 provides. I think its a marketing play myself. LOL.