Burst rate from 40MB/s to 20MB/s



I used to get burst rates of 40MB/s or over but now I only get 20MB/s or over.

Any reason why?

The firmware and drive I am using is listed in my sig below.





Yet another guy having this problem.
Did you install any other CD/DVD related software? AnyDVD/Alcohol/Daemon Tools/etc…
Is your drive working at UDMA4?

Check out this thread:


Did udma mode drop from 4 to 2 cause if so & this can commonly happen your burst rate will cut in half

please check UDMA mode in device manager


[QUOTE=Eiji;2013772]I used to get burst rates of 40MB/s or over but now I only get 20MB/s or over.

Any reason why?


Windows automatically steps down udma mode when too many transmission errors occur. maybe burner gone bad, bad cable etc

check system event log for possible hints


I uninstalled Alcohol 120% and still get 20MB/s burst rate. I read the other thread and will try removing the PxHelp20 lower class filter with the tools at the link below:



I was having this same problem with my LH-20A1H and Benq DW-1655 drives. I found, and deleted, a driver that was left over from some software I had tried and uninstalled it and it solved my problem.

Check in your Windows/System32/Drivers folder for a driver named SPTD and see if you have it. My burst speed went from 20 to 35-40 MB/s for my LiteOn drive and from 18 to 24 MB/s for my Benq after I got rid of it.

Heres a link that may help:


This may not help your problem, but it helped mine and I thought I would share it.



I got rid of the SPTD driver with the SPTD installer and the remove command and now I got my 40MB/sec burst rate back!

Thanks for the info Alan!