Burrrn - Writer (SH-S223F) not showing up

I downloaded and installed Burrrn on the suggestion of a forum member here. Was all excited to use it and then I go into the settings and see there is no writer available. I have a Samsung SH-S223F SATA burner installed on the system. When I hit the Burrrn button, this comes up in the dialog box:


Target specifier: bus,target,lun
Target example: SPTI:1,2,0
SCSI Bus scanning: supported
Open via UNIX device: not supported
ERROR: Please use option ‘–device bus,id,lun’, e.g. --device 0,6,0
ERROR: Cannot setup device ASPILOCK:2,0,0.
Supported SCSI transports for this platform:


you have to play with the Interface options in Burrrn. I had a similar problem, but I don’t remember what settings I had to adjust to get my 203B working with Burrrn.


Thanks! I checked the SPTI box and now it works. I just burrrned my first disc, it’s fast, what a nice little program! :bow: :bigsmile: