Burrrn Error Message

Burrrn looks I like a real nice program. I’m want to burn some FLAC files with it so I can get the CD TEXT that gives the nice display on the television when I play AUDIO CD’s in the PHILLIPS DVP5140.

I have Nero 6 something that I often use and most of the time it works but other times Nero does something wrong and what plays on the screen is garbled colors and stuff but the music always sounds fine.

Nero is a nice program but a bit overkill and perhaps bloatware , that is why I don’t upgrade to newer as I’ve already tried that and verson 6 seems to run much better on my system. I have a fairly new Compaq with a 1 gb ram and 3.2 ghz celeron.

I have only been into the ripping burning thing for bout 6 months or so.

I use the Flac and Ape plugins for Nero and they do work. Out of a 100 discs though I prolly get at least 10 coasters when I use Nero as for some reason it just doesn’t do the job right 10 percent of the time or so.

I could have sworn I had successfully burned a few audio discs from flac using Burrrn. It might also have been the program called burnatonce that had done the trick. Neither of these 2 programs is working for me at the moment , perhaps I just need to call it a night and start over with a fresh reboot tomorrow.

I just joined the group as I often wind up here anyway when I research how to do this stuff.

Judging by the user interface and what I’ve read it sounds like the Burrrn program is a definite keeper for the toolbox.

So does anyone know about this error message I’m getting ?

the error box also says Please use option "-device , bus , id, lun’ , e.g -device 0,60 .

Or something pretty close to that, is that a parameter that must be entered for the FLAC decoder ? or what ? I’'m pretty clueless about that one … :wink:

I was going to upload a screen shot of the error msg but the system is telling me I’m not logged in when I attempt to do so or i’m too tired to screw around with it. I have been having quite a bit pf trouble with LOGINS for some reason as well , like in this particular case , why would the system tell me I’m not logged in when clearly I am logged in. It says Welcome BluzBrotha-001 right here in front of me .

Do other folks have this sort of stufff happen often ? It’s been happening a lot with me lately and it’s drivng me crazy … lol

i relogged in and added the snapshot

i may be gone for awhile …

Thanks for your help in advance!

Hi folks.

I got Burrrn to work for me by checking ALL THREE options of the "writer " box in “settings”

Also I first installed the latest Adaptec ASPI Layer.

I’m not 100% sure if installing the ASPI layer was necessary.

In any case the program is working fabulously.
It is a terrific program.

I have found that cranking up Nero 6 directly to the burning ROM using the associated icon for just that executeable ( nero.exe )
and NOT starting up the “smart start” menu, everything seems to work much better.

Nero 6 will sometimes burn an audio cd from FLAC with the results that you would expect. Most of the time though I get the garbled video instead of CD-TEXT.
Also my Phillips machine displays that I have inserted a CD-G.
Karaoke cd ?

Well I don’t know what’s up with Nero 6 in regards to CD-TEXT.

But I think I can prolly forget about it
and just use Burrrn for most audio burning I’m doing.

Hope someone out there may avoids some problems by reading this info.
CD-FREAKS has helped me to learn a lot.
Nice to be able to give a little back.

Have a good one! ,