Burnwrite - a good way to start

After a crash course (starting lunchtime today) in learning how to copy copyrighted CDs, from my experiences I have to recommend the Burnwrite software for it’s excellent manual. The manual talks through the copying process from start to finish and makes the whole subject seem a lot easier to understand. If you are new to this, Burnwrite is a good way to get started. The manual is downloaded separately from the program.

Just re-read my post - not Burnwrite, it’s called Blindwrite (Doh!)

Blindwrite and Clonecd both work will for protected cd’s as long as you have a compatible burner…

Plextor for protected audio cd’s and the liteons for protected data cd’s.

I wouldnt be surprised if burnwrite showed as a replication program.

And yes blindwrite has a great manual. I have it somewhere.