BurnVideoCD function




I have used NeroCom in VB and modified it to burn videos as following :

BurnVideoCD(neroVItems, False, Nothing, isoTrack, NERO_BURN_FLAG_WRITE, 4)

I have setup the isoTrack for pass-in the above function:

Dim isotrack As NeroISOTrack
Set isotrack = New NeroISOTrack
isotrack.Name = “TestTrack”
isotrack.RootFolder = Folder
Dim file As NeroFile
Set file = New NeroFile
Folder.Files.Add file
file.Name = NameFromPath(edtFileName.Text)
file.SourceFilePath = edtFileName.Text

when i burn the disk, it burn the media as a VCD (setup in neroVItems) but the other files that I added into the isotrack didn’t get written onto the root or any sub folder ( i have created extra subfolder to add into the root folder but no difference)

if i use Nero app, i can create the folder manually and there is no problem.

Does anyone has any idea ?

any advice will be appreciated




This problem has been fixed in the newest NeroCOM version ( Expect it to be included in the next Nero update. Thanks for reporting!


so when is the next release coming ?