Burnt the complete CD but cannot play it in the radio's



i got nero v and tried also
but when i want to burn an audio CD with my LiteON LTR52246S
he burn the complete CD but cannot play it in the radio’s
only in the computer.
i closed the cd etc all the normal stuff.
then i build my burner into other pc here in home and then it works.
so i started too look and is it possible that my HDD is the trouble maker? because i put my IBM 80 GB into my dad’s pc when i had putting the burner and then they cd were again not good.

What do u guys think bout this weard issu ?

Greets Maurice


Maybe your radio can’t read CD-R/CD-RW’s??

What kind of audio-CD are you writing.

A copy of a CD or just a bunch of wav’s?


copy to copy
and with nero just make an audio CD with .MP3 he codes it to wave and copy to copy just wav is it then
and my radio supports it got many CDR\RW more


i found it grabbing my dad Maxtor 20 GB build it in my PC and now it works i can burn audio cd’s :slight_smile:
i hope i get new HDD :slight_smile: :bigsmile: