Burnt Movies Not Working

Okay, I have used CloneDVD2/AnyDVD before (Can’t think of the versions right now) and had no problems. I recently downloaded Clone 2543 and AnyDVD 4112. I bought media I have had success with before, Ridata 8x DVD-R Model# DRD-478-RDCB100. I went through the motions of recording and saw nothing out the ordinary. All was well until I popped the movies into my home DVD player, a Samsung which has worked with all +/- R/RW Ridata media I have used thus far. The movies hang while loading and then the player says that the media is corrupt and shows no disc in the system.

Has anyone seen this before? What are some possible resolutions to this? I will keep plugging away and trying different things until I hear something back.


Maybe you had a bad disk. Can you watch it on your pc though?

Hi Sad Daddy,

I’ve experienced the same.
In fact, I used Nero CDSpeed (Scan media) on the burner itself and the media showed unreadable sectors toward the end.

While the movie can be perfectly read on some older DVD readers.
I have an old Pioneer A06 and that movie can be read perfectly.

I also have a full sized Panasonic, two or 3 years old, reads fine.
I have a newer Malata DVP-500P (full size reader), can’t read it.
Typically, at 1x (movie viewing) all can read the movie almost 'till the end without freezing.

I have friends complaining that they could not view my movies on their player too. As they experienced themselves, they found out the culprit was AnyDVD.

They told me not to use that and by experience, that seems to have worked.
I now use “DVD Region+CSS Free” instead. I can now burn movies and read the everywhere.

I have no idea what AnyDVD is doing to CloneDVD2, but it is my experience as well as few of my friends.

…Regardless of the media quality. BTW, I find Ridata being the best.


Try the new version of Anydvd (…


I’ve had lots of problems with backup movies freezing or hanging at the end. I’ve tried many brands of media and it has the same effect no matter what player.

Check this thread for possible solution, explanation: