Burnt "+" media detection



Hi there!

My BenQ 1620 never did one coaster yet and I am alwas having amazing PI/PO results. BUT there is something weird. All “+” medias (MCC003, YUDEN000T02) burnt with booktype set to DVD-ROM (never tried with book type +R) are very slow detectable by my LiteOn 165H DVD-ROM drive and completely undetectable on Teac 516 DVD-ROM drive :confused:
“+” medias of the same brand burnt by my former drive - Pioneer A07 - get detected very quick without any problems in both drives so it couldn’t be media issue…

“-” medias are perfect with 1620. Does BenQ generally like the minus format better?

Has anyone same experience as I do? Any feedback appreciated. :slight_smile:


Do standalone players also take a while to detect the media ?

Also how long are we talking about here a few seconds more than normal or minutes ?

Does the Pioneer exhibit the same long detection time with the + media burned from the BenQ 1620 ?

I haven’t really heard anything like that myself, I have a Lite-On 165H in an old PC and it never had any trouble with DVD+ media but I haven’t used it in quite some time though.

Can you post a screenshot from NeroInfoTool with the Teac 516 does it have a ticked box next to DVD+R ?


Which version of Nero do you use? I had something similar, when all DVD-ROM bookmarked DVD+R (written in my 1620) cannot be read by my old LiteOn 811. After installing a new version of Nero all worked fine. Don’t know why, but it helped.


Do not have opportunity to try more vendors. My friend has some old LiteOn 5001. I tried couple +R medias with this drive and all worked perfect. Unfortunatelly didn’t focused on detection time, I will next time. Good tip 8T8.

It takes some seconds in 165H. This drive makes usually 3 to 5 attempts to detect the media. DVD+R from A07 get detected at 1st attempt as well as DVD-R from 1620.

I already sold Pioneer, so cannot try.

I am sure this 516 has ability to read both formats as DVD+R burned from Pio A07 are perfect detectable and readable.

Well yes, if the drive needs more than one attempt to detect some media, we can say it has problems with recognizing them. Fact that +R medias of the same vendor from different burner works fine lead me to suspect my BenQ…

8T8 if you have some extra time, please try some DVD+R burned from 1620 in your 165H and focuse on how many attempts it needs to identify the media.


Now running on, I had before. I will try some other SW but not sure if that helps :confused:


I tried a few discs DVD+R/RW/DL in the Litey 165 didnt have any trouble reading them so I’m at a loss as to why yours is doing so.

Try flashing the CH12 firmware for the 165 its the last firmware released by Lite-On for that drive it might help if you already havent got it

On a side note does BenQ’s Qscan program work with your drive as I have found in situations where a drive has had a bad flash the program will refuse to work despite the drive being listed in the menu.

Might be worth a try booting into safe mode and reflashing whatever firmware your currently using.


My two friends have Teac 516 and both have problem reading any +R media from my 1620, because their drives couldn’t identify this media.

My litey has not problem with reading but identifying! After it detects the media reading is smooth from beginning to very end, no errors, no speed dropdowns. Here I have to say, that when copying DVD+R which is A07 burn from 165H to HDD, the transfer speed is significantly higher than when copying same media burned from 1620.
Nero DVD speed proves that, because the curve made from 165H starts at around 4x in case DVD+R is A07 burn. When BenQ’s DVD+R burn is inserted in 165H, the curve starts at 2x !

CH12 already applied long ago.

I will try that and also will try make burn without book type set.

thanx for you effort!!!