Burnt issue

I have recently replaced my Sony burner to a Pioneer 109 this works fine other than when playing the burnt copy on my dvd player,
The result is a couple of frames of a previous burn still appear in the encoding resuting in corruption of the new files.
I have been advised to delete the nominated folder together with the contents, I have deleted the files or overun them with the new files to the same folder on the hard drive, there appears to be hidden files somewhere, I now introduce a new folder each new burn, Does anyone have any info on this problem?

This problem sounds a bit bizzarre, I’m not sure what you mean that a couple of frames of a previous burn appear in the encoding.

Does the problem occur when you copy the movie to your hard drive and play it back from there?

Thanks for your reply Alexia,
I have gone through the normal process via DVD shrink saving to the hard drive via a nominated folder which I save to, on the transfer to Nero to burn the info in the file the burn process is normal, on playback of the burnt DVD on my Nec DVD player all is fine then say at a random point I see a small portion of a previous video encode, then the dvd continues on without any further contamination,
I was told to delete any folder I had used to save encodes in even when the computer asks me to authorise an overwrite of any previous saved info in the nominated dvd encode folder, and to open a new folder each time to save each dvd encode to. trust you can understand the detail, it is bizzara! but the problem is now ok once I delete the folder even if it shows empty and introduce a new folder the problem does’nt occur again some one said hidden files must be hanging around

Sorry, don’t know much about whats causing that if you’re using DVD Shrink…

I removed Nero and re installed it again ,this Nero suite was supplied with the Pioneer 109 burner, the probem appears to be fixed now, only time will tell I continue to use Shrink although I would like to able to afford the dual layer DVDs they are somewhat expensive here in Australia , What do you pay for them in Canada? Regards Geoff Perth, Western Australia