Burnt ISO movies backup won't play on ps2


I have been burning backups from my dvd collection with dvd decrypter and they have been playing excellent on my ps2 when i’m burning the VOB sets with convertx to dvd.
But yesterday, i started making ISOS from the backups. Then burned the dvd’s from the ISO, but the copy made from the ISO will NOT play on PS2.
Really appreciate any help.

I’m using:
Verbatim DVD+R (booktype: DVD-ROM)
ISOS made with MagicISO

thanks in advance

Sounds like your Backups have got problems, which manifest when you try to rip them.
Just re-rip from the original - The backups are likely a lost cause :wink:

thanks for your answer. In fact I found another way to save the backups i have already.
copy the ISO to the Hard disk, mount it with daemon tools and then burn the VOB sets with convertx to dvd.
thanks anyway

Great, but why didn’t you just burn the iso from HDD with ImgBurn? No daemon tools no ConvertxtoDVD…Am I missing something?
please ,elaborate…