Burnt DVD's won't play

I’m using latest regular version 3.2. I made copy of Pirates of caribbean curse of black pearl But copy won’t play in my dvd. 2 moth ago i made a copy Dead man chest it was just fine. Only thing different is My dvdfab version and I’m start using TDK dvd+r insteed sony dvd+r. I think last version has more bugs. before this path player every thing was great. now i have sometimes messages. Any idea.

lets start by going and getting some of those good sony disc. this is where most of the members start to troubleshoot and for good reason.:slight_smile: even better most will recommend verbatim disc, i use sony myself.

before getting the new disc lets first try a burn with dvdfab settings. click the gear at the top right of fab to go to common settings. pathplayer select disable. write settings, vso burning engine, write speed 8x, write type sao and check setbooktype to dvd rom.

after a burn with the new settings please post a burn log. go to my documents, dvdfab, log. open the dvdfab_burn_vso document then copy and paste the most recent couple of burns. this will help to diagnose your problem.

thanks troy

Thank you Troy
I just bought Verbatum and going to try. By the way my only 1 copy not playable or even unreadable. It’s a Curse of black. I backed up 2 other movies Blood diamond, blade of glory with same setting, they are fine, plays.
Okay let see what i can get. and thnx again.

As always, troy’s advice is right on the money.
Just a curious thought…
Does the bkup disc play in your burner?..are you sure it finalized properly?

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I just couldn’t get copy of that movie no matter how hard I tried with DVDFAb. I tried Sony and Verbatium no luck. but I have copy of curse of Black Pearl. I used old dvd shrink it worked out. i don’t know what was the problem. At least i know do not use TDK.

I have about 380 Dvd’s. I start making copy 3 month ago but now I have only 80 copies . May be very slow but I’m not rushing.
hEY 1 THING I ALMOST FORGET why after reading pops up reading error message? burns just fine copy quality is good.

a dual layer dvd has approx 4167818 sectors. so lets say dvdfab skips 64 sectors. there is not enough information being skipped in order to show a noticeable visual defect. thats how i understand it.

useless info: if the track on a single layer dvd is stretched out straight, it would total 7.35 miles in length.